Local Comedian Goes Big

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

February 25,2017

Stockton, CA – Reggie Galindo, who goes by the stage name “Thuggdork”, hosted a comedy bash last weekend at the San Joaquin Fair Grounds drawing an audience of approximately 900 people. Such a large turnout for a local comedian is unusual and some see as a game changer. 

Born and raised in Stockton, Reggie has seen his share of hardship much like the city itself. As an escape a positive way to focus his energy he began doing comedy in 1997 at a convention as a opener for theatre . Since then he’s done a few shows a year in Stockton and has developed a big folllowing of friends and family, also bringing in comedians from out of town and local favorites like Insane Wayne. 

His goal is to combat the misery in Stockton through comedy,”If we can laugh together , we can live together”, he says as the motto of what he calls the  Thuggdork Movement. 

His next move is to do a free show at the Alano Club as a way of giving back to his community and is also planning an even bigger event he expects to exceed a thousand in attendance. 


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