A tale of two brothers: the curious true story of Michael Tubbs’ long lost brother Anthony Tubbs

March 29, 2017

This is the true story of two brothers. One who has received national press and an endorsement from Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Obama and the other whom people outside of immediate family didn’t even know exists. One was born a month after his father was sent to prison to serve a 25 to life sentence, born into a life of hardship and struggle too often found in Stockton, California- raised by his mother struggling to raise a boy to a man with no male role model in the home. The other is Michael Tubbs. 

Anthony Tubbs upon finding out his older brother was killed

Michael Tubbs campaigning for mayor


While Michael has made his hardship story synonymous with his name, using it from personal statements to apply for college to getting $10,000 from Oprah, to getting elected to city council in an anti incumbent election to getting elected the first black mayor of Stockton, the reality is the real hardship has been faced by his  brother Anthony Tubbs. 

The truth is Michael had a strong support system from his maternal family since he was born. He was also selected to gifted programs such as the elitist International Baccalaureate education program in high school, which not only segregated their students from the rest of the black, brown, and poor white students of east Stockton, but also referred to those students as “GP” or “general population kids”. He had resources and was groomed to go to Stanford through that program. He also began eyeing a career in politics as early as high school when he was part of a program that exposed them to the city council. 

Anthony on the other hand dropped out of high school, didn’t finish trade school, grew up exposed to gangs  with his maternal brother who was killed in a violent shooting, has been to jail, and is struggling to find employment. He’s never seen their father outside of a prison as he was born a month after he was incarcerated when Michael, whom is named for their father, was six years old. 

No one in the public, myself included even knew Anthony existed, despite Michael being in the public eye for over six years and giving countless speeches on uplifting “boys and men of color”. 

One has used their story of hardship, which at this point comes across as scripted, the other has had to live it and carry its burden. Shared hardship usually strengthens the bond through shared experience, but in this case one has used it as an accessory to build a political career while the other continues to have the cross to bear. 

Anthony came into public attention recently after revealing his relationship to Michael on social media in posts that were calling him out and accused him of several things including being “fake” while asking people to share the post. Upon reaching out to him I have to admit I expected to hear about some inter family spat or personal falling out or an attempt to get attention. Quite surprisingly that wasn’t the case. Well the getting attention part is, but for a very different reason. 

Before speaking to Anthony I wondered why Michael had never mentioned him before. After all “boys and men of color” and the Cinderella “True Son” story has been Michael’s political bread n butter. Except of course for the five times he’s voted against re-opening the Fair Oaks Library in east Stockton after claiming $150,000 a year would drive the city back into bankruptcy then hiring personal friends as assistants for $300,000 a year when elected mayor; keeping public pools closed disproportionately affecting those same poor disadvantaged communities; or calling riot police on Black Lives Matter activists (including women, children, elderly, and disabled)seeking answers for their loved ones three separate times. Anthony has also taken notice of these actions on his brother’s behalf and can’t believe he would do such things that are incompatible with what he promotes himself to be.

I also wanted to make sure as to not further fuel a family duel between brothers. And so I’m approaching this not in an attempt to make Michael look bad (he does enough of that himself), but to give a voice to a young man genuinely reaching out for help. In speaking to Anthony, who is twenty years old soft spoken and cane across very humble, instead I was surprised to find his motivation was much deeper than some trivial disagreement or quarrel, but from a place of true pain. According to Anthony, his pain stems from a feeling of betrayal and abandonment. 

He says he never even knew he had another brother until about the age of 14. This is also the same time he met Michael who took him to Barnes & Noble, bought him a $20 book, and promised him he’d be there for him and mentor him. This was while Michael was in Stanford and before he was elected to the city council. Anthony recalls being excited for his brother’s success and hoping he would also be empowered with his mentorship. 

But that excitement turned to disappointment as the years went by and he never saw Michael again. He would however keep in touch via Facebook messaging. Anthony would attempt on several occasions to reach out to Michael for help including inclusion in programs meant to help him advance especially in terms of mentorship and tattoo removal which was hindering his ability to get a job. When repeated requests for help went unanswered, that disappointment turned to outright anger and resentment. 

This was fueled with each occurrence of Michael publicly being in the media or promoting on his social media helping other “boys and men of color”, usually for publicity or non profit funding. Michael has been involved in several programs over the years and has had access to several resources to help Anthony, which makes his apparent refusal to help him so bizarre. To Anthony it was evidence of a pattern of hypocrisy and attention seeking on his brother’s part for political advancement. He feels disrespected by Michael who is in his opinion using his father’s incarceration to promote his own back story while refusing to maintain a relationship with his father’s side of the family including him. It is Anthony who has maintained contact with his father who married his mother. 

Anthony’s mother echoed this sentiment and recalled cutting ties with Michael after he failed to respond to their calls to attend Anthony’s other brother’s funeral in 2015 or even call to offer condolences. His brother Damarea, a year younger than Michael, was killed at the age of 24 (he was shot 12 times at the age of 23 and died days later upon turning 24)  under the same type of circumstances Michael was publicly claiming to be addressing while during the same time period he was promoting the Measure A tax increase to fund Ceasfire and taking credit for creating the Office of Violence Prevention;  both of which are failing. Michael has claimed he returned to Stockton to run for city council because his cousin was murdered. He’s also seen him partner with organizations doing tattoo removal after the fact and not be invited despite asking for help removing the one on his face. Anthony reached his boiling point and lashed out in an effort to not just expose the incongruency of his brother’s public message and private transgressions, but in a desperate attempt to call out for help. Anthony has no agency. No support network. He is still getting over the death of his older brother and genuinely feels he lost the only other one he has in Michael. 

Anthony’s brother Damarea Jamaul Russell with his auntie

As a result of finding no opportunity in his hometown where his brother is now mayor, he and his mother have moved to Nevada seeking a better opportunity. Opportunity he is still struggling to find. But as many Stocktonians are forced to, he is still resilient and holding onto hope.

Just two days ago Michael was in the media for co hosting a panel discussion for job opportunities for young “men of color” who are at risk as part of the Ceasefire program meant to reduce violence. In other words people like his brother Anthony. He was quoted as saying, “I made it my top priority and the priority of the City Council to talk about these 85 guys, and figured out how do you help them and provide opportunity for them,” Tubbs said. “They’re not asking for a handout, but really a leg up, and it’s a real opportunity in terms of being a contributing member of society.”  

Meanwhile Anthony says, “All I want is to feel like I have a brother. To sit down and just talk with Mike normal like I am with you. I’m not doing this to hate or get attention or throw shade but I feel like people need to know the truth.”

While there are always two sides to every story, I’ve been unable to get a statement from Michael despite one time being a friend he talked to Anthony about as he’s blocked me as he does anyone who doesn’t agree with him, including his own brother Anthony Tubbs. 

I wish him the best and have offered my assistance in anyway I can and in the very least as an open line of communication. I too know what it’s like to grow up struggling with limited resources, no male role model, raised by my mother with no father, limited job opportunities, and the feeling of familial abandonment while the world is against you. It’s not a good place to be. If anyone knows of job opportunities in the Las Vegas area for Anthony please let me know so I can forward them to him or add him on Facebook or like his page 209 Facts. While he may be justified in his dissatisfaction and angst, he’s still a young man who has something to offer this world. He deserves just as many opportunities as any “true son”.  

As far as Michael…only he knows.


Higher Taxes and More Crime. The Failures of Leadership and Ceasefire in Stockton, California 

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

March 27, 2017

Stockton, CA-Despite millions of dollars raised with the Measure A tax increase to hire more police officers and fund the Office of Violence Prevention and Ceasefire, violent crime increased last year in Stockton for the third year straight. 

While the Record has taken Stockton Police’s claim of Stockton having the “lowest crime rate in years” at face value, one only need look at the numbers critically to understand why that characterization may be more about political propaganda than factual reality. On the surface it should be important to note that that claim includes property crimes data, which contributed to the 1% decrease. We must ask ourselves if even that is true or the result of less property crimes being reported as a consequence of SPD’s having residents file complaints online. To quote a women at a recent crime forum, “my home has been broken into five times over the last year and all the police could do was give me a blue card and tell me to file a complaint online. How can I file the complaint online when they stole my computer? I don’t even both to call them and report it anymore”

What’s important to consider in regards to Stockton’s plight, triggering increased taxes and the highest sales tax in California in Measure A, is violent crime. It is violent crime that poses the greatest threat to safety and has been used to justify the tax increase to hire more officers with pay raises (new police vehicles bought after the previous ones only had 60,000 miles on them) and the funding of the “marshal plan”, Office of Violence Prevention, and Ceasefire. When looking at violent crime it has increased over the last three years straight despite those programs and new officers. 

Measure A has raised approximately $90,000,000 in sales tax revenues since its implementation. It was passed by 52% of voters in 2013 in a special election that saw a record low turnout. It was presented to voters by city hall, including city manager Kurt Wilson and councilmember Michael Tubbs as, to paraphrase, “either give us more money for more officers or we can’t keep you safe”. 

While promising to hire officers and fund violence prevention, it had no enforceable obligation to do so, but was instead designed to go into the general fund. Measure B, the companion measure establishing an oversight committee passed with more votes than measure A. However, it has no authority and only acts in an “advisory” role despite being sold to voters as an “oversight” body. 

Three years into Measure A, Ceasefire, OVP, and the “marshal plan” Stockton’s occurrences of violent crime have increased 9.1%. Since 2013, before those plans were instituted, violent crime has actually increased 17.3% from 3,622 occurrences in 2013 to 4,382 in 2016. 

Eric Jones was promoted to Chief in 2012. Michael Tubbs was elected in 2012. Kurt Wilson took over as City Manager in 2012.  On their watch, other than 2013, violent crime has increased every year consecutively since. 

Total Violent Crimes Per Year (reported):


2013- 3,622

2014-3,988 *Measure A, OVP, Ceasefire

2015-4,122 *Measure A, OVP, Ceasefire

2016- 4,382*Measure A, OVP, Ceasefire

Source: Stockton Police Department 

To be fair let’s compare the five year period under Jones’ watch to the five years previous, after all 2012 was a record outlier. But so was 2011. 

Total Violent Crimes Per Year (Reported):

2007- 4,216

2008- 4,322

2009- 3,703

2010- 4,033

2011- 4,155

Now since Chief Jones prides himself on being “a numbers guy” let’s find the cumulative value for those five year periods ( 20,429 between 2007-2011 and 20,744 between 2012-2016) and divide each by 5 to find their annual average ( 4,085.8 for 2007-2011 and 4,148.8 for 201-2016) to find that overall violent crime is up 1.5% on Jones’ watch with these programs and an additional $29 million dollar a year funding source. 

Now Jones being a numbers guy and Tubbs being Stanford educated, they could claim the increased occurrences are the result of a concurrent growth in population. The truth is the Stockton population only grows at an average of 1.03% each year, much lower than the increase in violent crime over the last four years. 

So what could account for the failing trend? The OVP has seen turmoil and incompetent leadership since its inception. The first manager, Jessica Glyn, while qualified, was fired after just two months at 9 months pregnant. She sued for discrimination and in court testified she was retaliated against for trying to run the Ceasefire program the way it was intended as a national program being used in other cities. One of the main issues she had was that Peacekeeper outreach workers were being compromised by the Stockton Police who were using them as informants instead of just outreach workers designed to reduce violence through relationships. It took over a year to hire another manager and in the meantime was being run by assistant city manager Christian Clegg who doesn’t even possess the credentials to apply for the position. The replacement, Latosha Walden, would come from the Probation department and turn out to be noting more than a front for Clegg to direct while continuing to run the office. 

The Ceasefire program designed to reach out to the most vulnerable to violence or committing violence is only reaching out to 10-15 people once every three months. And only a few of the intended demographic are responding to those efforts. As a result they are going after individuals who aren’t even involved in gangs to try and pad their numbers. In fact with a budget of over a million dollars, the OVP only had 38 people come to their Ceasefire “call-Ins” all of last year. After three years they still have no strategic plan and no measurables. It’s not producing intended results. 

In conjunction with those failures they are also partnering with non profits like Fathers& Families of San Joaquin who are being paid by police to reach out to black and brown communities (91% of all perpetrators and victims of violence in Stockton are Mexican/black/southeast Asian) to help build community relations on behalf of police. While doing so, they are not equipped for such a task and are promoting violence and intimidation to the community themselves. 

Add to this dynamic the fact that Stockton police have killed dozens of black and brown men (23 since 2012) in the same period of time, giving cause to multiple sensational street protests. And while all of this is going on, the city leadership promotes itself as using “best practices”. In reality they are hiding their wounds under the cloak of “strengthening community police relations and trust building”. Their numbers do not support those claims. 

And what has the additional $90,000,000 raised from Measure A to hire more officers gotten us? A whole gain of 0.10 more officers per 1,000 residents. 

If the city is to truly move forward it must stop with the incompetent echo chamber of nepotistic leadership. It has to be honest with the community and take accountability for the failings of these remedies and re-strategize in a way that utilizes true community resources and tactics not just political allies for public relations purposes. 

180 people have been murdered (not including the victims of police violence), 489 rapes, 4,515 robbberies, and 10,931 violent assaults have occurred in Stockton since Michael Tubbs, Eric Jones, and Kurt Wilson have come together as a self congratulating team. 

Our community deserves better. So much better. 

Motecuzoma Sanchez is a contributor of 209 Times and community advocate. Born and raised in Stockton, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Ethnic Studies from CSU Sacramento and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from USC. 

DA Tori Verber’s Chief Investigator Files Claims Alleging Retaliation for his Refusal to “Engage in Unlawful and Unethical Conduct”

By Frank Gayaldo

March 27, 2017

San Joaquin, CA. – BREAKING NEWS: Today it is now confirmed by San Joaquin County Counsel that on August 22, 2016, San Joaquin County received a “Claim for Damage or Injury” on behalf of San Joaquin County District Chief Investigator Kenneth K Melgoza, via the Turner Law Group in Sacramento, California. 

The claim states “Claimant Melgoza suffered extreme emotional distress and lost wages as a result of DA Verber’s retaliation against Mr. Melgoza for his refusal to disclose his knowledge of and involvement in criminal investigations being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in violation of Labor Code 1102.5. Claimant Melgoza refused to engage in unlawful and unethical conduct and he has been retaliated against because of said refusal.”   

In 2011, Deputy Sheriff’s Association President Bob Foppiano and PORAC representative Randy Benemia alerted DA Investigator Kenneth Melgoza that the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office was conducting an illegal “gun chop shop” scheme. Under intensified media pressure initiated by this author, Tori Verber-Salazar reluctantly “referred the case to outside agencies for their review”. 

This is not the first time the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office has been accused of harassing one of their own high level investigators. In 2014, a civil jury awarded ex-assistant chief Janis Trulsson $2 million dollars, primarily for what was characterized at the time as “gender discrimination”. Kenneth Melgoza was ultimately awarded the position that Trulsson sought.

Restorative Justice or Just Another White Washed Spin by Mayor Tubbs and Chief Jones: Building Community Trust Without the Actual Community 

By John Moreno

March 24, 2017

Stockton, CA – After weeks of being promoted as an event to “build community trust” and show other cities how to do it, hardly anyone showed up and the actual community members who did weren’t allowed inside. As part of its ongoing participation in the National Police Initiative program the Stockton Police Department was selected to be part of (a result of its contentious relationship with the black and brown community in Stockton), the city hosted this event meant to highlight their gains in “restorative justice” and “community trust building”. However, some of those who have seen first hand what their practice versus preaching looks like, including battons to the face;

and city council meetings closed to the public after riot police physically forced everyone out despite only one person being asked to leave; 

or mayor Tubbs having riot police escort him to his car three meetings in a row;

Michael Tubbs being escorted by riot police

we’re not allowed inside despite wanting to pay the $50 fee. Dionne Smith-Downs was one of those activists not allowed inside and told it was a “private” event. 



While some members of the community were denied entry up front, others like Aaron Paradiso made it in through the back disabled entrance as he is bound to a wheel chair. After speaking briefly with a few attendees he was then told to leave. He says only about 15 people were even inside. This claim is supported by Michael Tubbs’ own posts which conspicuously do not show the audience size beyond the front seats. This also means the city paid to use the larger auditorium for a pre-registered group that could have easily fit in one of the much smaller and less expensive meeting rooms.

While not being allowed inside Smith-Downs used the opportunity to talk with attendees who were leaving early and explain a narrative that is 180 degrees different than what the mayor and chief of police were telling attendees inside, including their not being invited or allowed in. 

She also left them with fliers of facts regarding SPD and the community including cause for action in which they are protesting. 

Electronic version of flier passed out with bullet point facts

In addition to not allowing community members in mayor Tubbs also took the opportunity to make statements to the press that not only disregarded Black Lives Matter, but which were also contrary to the facts. Both these moves surprised activists especially since Tubbs had just had a private meeting with them three days prior. Yet in his statement when asked about the unrest at city hall by a reporter he claimed the protestors did not represent the community and that they had nothing they were asking for as if they were insignificant and had no purpose behind their actions. 
Smith-Downs questioned why they were allowed to meet with Tubbs in private, but not allowed to attend the public meeting?

The next day both Tubbs and Jones promoted a narrative trying to minimize the okie doke sensed by residents wondering how they can build community trust without the actual community and when community police relations are worse than they’re perhaps ever been: 
“Proud to be Mayor of our City! 

Please read this op-ed written by the City Manager and Police Chief around the reconciliation and reform work we are doing in our police department. There’s been a lot of misinformation and attempts at thwarting this important work, but it will continue. Would love to hear your thoughts. Please share with family and friends! 

‘In 2015, the SPD began a process of listening in a new way. When large numbers of people were ready to talk, we listened by holding a series of large town-hall-style events all over the city. When some voices were drowned out by the larger, sometimes raucous settings, we looked for another way to listen. As City Manager and Police Chief, we conducted a listening tour, for anyone at all, individually or in small groups, in their living rooms or our offices, and anywhere in between, to listen to our community.

In building trust, it is critical that your police chief hears from the communities with the most mistrust. So, as police chief, that’s what I’m doing. Over the past few weeks, additional small-group gatherings have been held with representatives from a range of communities in Stockton such as minority groups, youth, survivors of violence, mothers of murder victims, and others geared toward supporting our active listening efforts.

None of this is a fix-all. We’re not so naive to think we can shift community mistrust overnight. It’s a process. But police and communities share more common ground than either of us often realize. We are part of the public, and we’re proud to say the Stockton Police Department is committed to building trust and keeping our neighborhoods safe.’

#ReinventStockton”- Micheal Tubbs

Anyone paying attention can see something is not adding up here, except maybe the grant money coming into SPD and the non profits like Fathers & Families of San Joaquin, they are using to further their agenda. But what good is that agenda if it does not genuinely address the outstanding issues in the community? The first step in building trust is being honest. 

Despite Being Caught In Major Lies, Moses Zapien Selected as CEO of Local Non Profit

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

March 21,2017

Stockton- The old saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. 

Campaign flier exposing Moses Zapien’s lies

Such is the case of former Stockton city councilman and county supervisor Moses Zapien. During the election for county supervisor last year it was revealed by his opponent, Tom Patti, that Zapien had in fact lied about his resumé to get a job with the district attorney’s office. In a letter from his former employer, who is a lawyer, it turned out that he was not providing the legal services he claimed he was as he had yet to even take his state bar exam at the time. 

He was appointed to the county supervisor seat after serving two years on the city council, but lost his election bid to Tom Patti after SEIU pulled their endorsement and revelations of his dishonesty came to light in a position where integrity is essential. While on the city council he was known for leading the opposition against re-opening Fair Oaks Public Library in a disadvantaged area of the city despite promoting himself as an advocate of Little Free Libraries and literacy programs. 

In an apparent move to make up for his not being able to return to work for the district attorney due to his dishonesty, Zapien has been selected to head the Community Foundation of San Joaquin, which funds Michael Tubbs’ “reinvent south Stockton” and whom newly elected councilmember for Tubbs’ vacated district 6 seat Jesus Andrade was fined by the state Fair Political Practice Commission for not disclosing his employment with while running for office. 

The move has many residents asking if dishonesty pays as long as you are part of the group in power or represent their interests. 

Stockton Police Community Partner, Fathers & Families, Caught Lying About Working For Police on Video

By RJ Durand

March 18, 2017

Stockton- Last June it was announced in a few media outlets that the Stockton Police Department was awarded a $600,000 grant from the California Board of State and Community Corrections to collaborate with “community partners” for the mission of “building community police relations”. SPD applied for the grant with two organizations, which was required, including Friends Outside and Fathers & Families of San Joaquin. 

While this was public knowledge, at an event last August only yards away from where Colby Friday was shot and killed by officer David Wells amidst controversy and confilicting statements by police (the officer was also discovered to not have turned on his required body camera), Fathers & Families executive director, and ex convict, Sammy Nunez was confronted by community activist Motecuzoma Sanchez as to why their organization was hosting a picnic like event, while removing all pictures of Colby Friday, when the family and friends of Friday were wanting to organize to seek answers. Sanchez charged that it was a concerted effort to neatralize public outrage at the unexplained shooting by police on behalf of SPD, which has led to recent protests at city hall answered by mayor Michael Tubbs with riot police. 

Mayor Tubbs smiling on as riot police move in on women and children seeking answers for Colby Friday’s killing by SPD

Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen. However, although it was already public knowledge that FFSJ is being funded to work with SPD, Nunez denied any involvement or funding or relationship with  SPD. His employees echoed that sentiment, in either denial or ignorance, before making threats of violence towards Sanchez and his group and making claims of Sanchez lying. Nunez can be seen in the video, which was originally a Facebook live feed, having to be walked away by the people, including AB109 parolees, he’s supposed to be setting the example for. 

Last week 209 Times received a copy of that grant application which includes Sammy Nunez’s signature along with police chief Eric Jones’ solidifying their working relationship. 

In the 49 page document it is very clear what is expected of FFSJ. It shows they are in fact being paid to work for  SPD in a grant meant to build community-police trust and mitigate violence in the community, although the grant filled out by SPD makes no mention of the victims of violence in police shootings and killings still under investigation for which Stockton has one of the highest rates in California. 

The questions remain; what is Nunez telling his employees, including AB109 parolees, and the community that is different; and why would he lie? 

Sanchez believes it is to cover for Nunez’s promotion of values that are in opposition to SPD’s mission  including his gang affiliated past to gain street cred in Stockton, which he is not from. They also used to work together in protesting the department. 

Sammy Nunez holding up protest sign at the police station in 2010 over shooting of 16 yr old James Rivera organized by Sanchez

Sanchez believes FFSJ was bought off and are being used by SPD to quiet black and brown communities most affected while failing to addess the real concerns that place blame on bad officers and policies. Recently FFSJ was at the city council meeting filling up seats to lessen the number of Black Lives Matter protestors and family members of Colby Friday who could fit inside city hall chambers. 

Employees of FFSJ taking up seats in council chambers

In a Facebook post Sanchez also raising the question of Nunez not only lying to the community he seeks respect in, but also lying to SPD. They are being paid to make SPD look better in the community yet are lying to those target communities about working with them. 

Sammy Nunez and FFSJ employees take a photo with Friday’s after being called out

Sanchez also says it shows a huge lapse in judgement by SPD and Chief Jones in working with and trusting an organization that isn’t capable of producing intended results. He says they aren’t trusted in the community because of , “the shady practices people know them for and instead of reducing violence through Ceasefire are actually making threats of violence towards others in the community”.

Another of their employees was asked to leave the park after threatening a disabled man affiliated with Black Lives Matter protestors. The threats have also continued online. 

FFSJ board member Brian Muhammad’s threats after being exposed for working for SPD

“As it currently stands Stockton’s violent crime rate has increased, instead of decreased, 3 years consecutively since the implementation of Ceasefire and the ‘marshal plan’. As a community we have to ask why and expect more, especially when we’re paying higher taxes as a result and not getting the results we need”. 

This latest revelation seems to reveal, in part, why Stockton Police and the city of Stockton are not producing desired results. 

Bail or Jail?

By Frank Gayaldo

March 14, 2017

Is Mayor Silva’s bail finally fair?

Former Mayor Silva’s bail was originally set at a headline grabbing $1 million dollars more fit for the likes of fictional character Dr Evil. Especially since a recent cop killer’s bail was only $500,000, our readers have been asking hard questions. 
 Judge Ronald Northup reduced his bail to $350,000. 
This is still a totally unusually high bail amount for this type of alleged white collar crime where the district attorney has yet to provide a dollar figure on what they are alleging he stole. Is the DA alleging they have SO FAR discovered Silva embezzled one dollar, “$75,000”, “hundreds of thousands”, “millions” or “maybe millions”? This is a foundational question that no one will answer. 
The Eighth Amendment guarantees all American’s reasonable bail…unless you are the former Mayor of Stockton. 
Normally the advice of pretrial services is followed when determining bail. So what did they suggest? That Silva be released on his own recognizance…meaning that he simply sign a promise to appear and walk out the jail door. Just like anyone else would charged with similar offenses. 
Normally a judge might keep the defendant’s passport, possibly (but again not usually) fit him with a GPS ankle bracelet, and then treat him like everyone else. 
Now Silva has three choices:
1) Remain in jail
2) Pay the full $350,000 directly to the court, all of which would be fully refundable as long as Silva made all his court appearances
3) Use a bail bondsman who will typically charge a 10% ($35,000) nonrefundable premium. If the defendant fails to appear to any of his/her court dates, the full amount of the bail ($350,000) becomes due, typically six months from the initial failure to appear. 
One thing is for certain: “normal” is never normal in the 209. 
*209 Times contributor Frank Gayaldo is among other things a former “bail enforcement agent”. 

Stockton Record Pushing Fake News? Editor Mike Klocke Doubles Down on Unsubstantiated Report by Claiming “Anonymous” Source

By Frank Gayaldo 

March 13,2017

Stockton- Mike Klocke, editor of the Stockton Record, and I spoke on the phone for 15 minutes today about the Record’s unwillingness to retract their “DA alleges Silva stole millions” headline. No other news outlet has reported such a large amount nor has District Attorney Tori Verber’s prosecuting the case made such a claim. Instead they are alleging “thousands”, which is veer very different from “millions” in both amount and severity. 

Record Headline

Mr. Klocke said that the Record stands by their story, and was not responsible for what other media outlets are reporting. He said their newspaper did additional investigative reporting and interviews “beyond just the DA’s press conference”, but refused to reveal who their sources were or even what those sources said. I asked if he was willing to at least publicly admit they are quoting anonymous sources, but Mr. Klocke said he was hesitant to tell me more as his words “might get twisted”.   

Record Editor Mike Klocke

When I asked for a written statement to support his refusal to provide who the Record’s sources within the District Attorney’s office is, he said “you have Roger Coover’s statement and I stand by that.” 
I asked if the Record or he has read the Grand Jury’s sealed reports, and he said “I think that would be illegal. No I haven’t seen any sealed reports. You are just fishing”. 
When I asked if he thought a minimum average of $41,000 a month embezzled ($2 million divided by 48 months, the lowest amount needed to justify the claim of millions) seemed outrageous to him, Mr. Klocke said he “refuses to say what he thinks about that number.” 
When I suggested that there were talks of boycotting the Record for disseminating “fake news”, Mr. Klocke defended the Record’s reputation and said his newspaper has been in existence for a long time {since 1895} and he anticipated will continue to exist for many years to come. 

At question rightnow for many in the community is whether or not the Record’s covering of recent events is clouded by personal and political bias or motivation. Some are also asking if their unsubstantiated reporting may poison the jury pool risking a conviction if  Silva is guilty. 

Record publisher Roger Coover stands behind fake news reporting

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

March 13,2017

San Joaquin- In an email response to 209 Times contributing author, Frank Gayaldo questioning the validity of the Record’s reporting former Stockton mayor ,Anthony Silva, stole “millions” of dollars, Record publisher, Roger Coover says he stands behind his reporters and editors. The Record has been accused of political bias in the past and just two consecutive days prior to Silva’s arrest warrant being issued, Record columnist Michael Fitzgerald had two of his blog articles removed after public complaints that they were excessively and obsessively against Silva who was no longer mayor. 

The Record is the only news outlet to report “millions” despite no basis for such a claim or source including DA Verber’s office. 

March 6, 2017 Stockton Record 
“Silva accused of stealing millions…” is beginning of top-fold headline 
“STOCKTON — A San Joaquin County prosecutor alleged Monday afternoon that former Mayor Anthony Silva, once the CEO of the now-defunct Stockton Boys & Girls Club, used an elaborate “double-dipping scheme” to funnel millions in federal grant money into his own pockets from 2010 through early 2014.”
March 6, 2017 Sacramento Bee
“Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva stole hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for San Joaquin County’s most economically vulnerable youths over a four-year span, laundering cash and charging trips on credit cards, San Joaquin County prosecutors said Monday. Prosecutors detailed a six-count grand jury indictment accusing Silva of money laundering, embezzlement, grand theft and misappropriation of public funds.”
March 7, 2017 KCRA 3
“While there were no specific figures given as to how much money Silva took, Himelblau said that during those four years, $2.7 million flowed out of the Stockton Boys and Girls Club, much of it in the form of checks written for under $500.” 
March 7, 2017 Washington Post
“Anthony Silva-the eccentric former mayor of Stockton, Calif., once accused of playing strip poker with teenagers-is facing a slew of new charges alleging he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help poor children.”
March 10, 2017 Fox News US 
“Attorneys with the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office allege Silva defrauded the club, a non-profit, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars for his own private use, including trips to Lake Tahoe, and on a Filipino Dating Site.”

Despite that fact, Coover says in response to a letter from Gayaldo seeking an explanation:

Our headline read, ‘DA Alleges Silva Stole Millions’.
Based on my review of our interviews with multiple sources, we stand by our headline and story. We will continue to do our best to always report as accurately as possible and make corrections when needed.
Roger Coover
Roger Coover, President and Publisher

San Joaquin Media Group

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(209) 546-8243”

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Called Out by News Reporter for Lying

By John Moreno

March 8, 2017

In what turned out to be another eventful night (the third in a row) involving city hall and families seeking justice and answers for their loved ones killed by Stockton police, mayor Tubbs was again escorted to his vehicle by a platoon of riot police. Showing no concern for the chaos or twelve people arrested including minors with one reportedly stabbed and several people taken to the hospital, Michael Tubbs instead took to twitter to announce his displeasure with a Fox 40 reporter reporting the truth. 

Unlike the Record reporters Roger Phillips and Michael Fitzgerald who have been accused of clearly being biased in support of Tubbs

Fitzgerald’s “step daughter” Jasmine Leek a paid consultant for Tubbs’ campaign

Nicole Comstock did not back down and responded to Tubbs’ accusations with the facts of what took place: 

The truth of the matter is that while over 20 police officers, who were posted up around city hall for hours, were responding to activists across the street, the 20 riot police hidden inside city hall did not emerge until mayor Tubbs walked out. 

They surrounded his car in formation to escort him out of city hall. 

They then got back in formation and attempted to do something that appeared at an attempt to march 20 feet back to the steps of city hall. 

Michael Tubbs then drove off…with his lights off. 

Meanwhile Record reporter Roger Phillips focused on a disabled and elderly woman referring to Tubbs as a boy while addressing the elder Vice Mayor Holman to mentor him: