$25.5 Million Proposed to Buy “as-is” Building by Stockton City Hall Just Two Years Out of Banktuptcy 

By Ned Leiba, CPA

September 11, 2017

Stockton, CA – The City Council will meet Tuesday evening September 19 at 5:30 PM to vote to purchase property and expend additional funds to bring us a new City Hall. The total cost is ostensibly $25 million, but it probably will be much more. 


The important missing analysis by city staff would compare what that $25 million proposed expenditure would bring to a sensible renovation of the existing, venerable City Hall. 


The staff report contends:


Remodeling the building to continue to serve as City Hall would not only be very expensive but would also be too small to meet the City’s current needs. Renovating historic City Hall and constructing a new annex behind it to accommodate current space needs would be cost prohibitive with an estimated expense of $50-60 million to design and construct the improvements. This would result in the need for debt issuance which would have a negative impact to the City’s Long-Range Financial Plan.


We should see the details behind these claims. We need a cold, impartial financial analysis of the alternatives.


On pages 7 and 8 of the Legislative Text, you will see again the “fuzzy graphs” of the Long Range Financial Plan (LRFP). I do not believe the City has released the detailed schedule behind any version of the LRFP since bankruptcy. In the past these fuzzy LRFP graphs have been used to claim the city will go bankrupt if it opened the Fair Oaks Library with costs of under $500,000, and now they are being used to justify $25 million in expenditures.


The City Council refused to adopt the unanimous recommendation of its Charter Review Advisory Commission to place on the ballot a measure to provide Stockton with a strong and independent City Auditor. One of the duties of an independent City Auditor would be to impartially analyze proposals such as this $25 million project. The City meanwhile has not allowed an audit, as required by ordinance, of Measure A funds. The Measure A financial statements produced and filed with regulators are profoundly, clearly misstated, by millions of dollars. We can have no confidence this proposal is economically sensible without an independent fiscal analysis.


A few of you may recall I expressed my concern about the 2007 pension bonds that were approved unanimously by the City Council. I said the City was headed for a “financial calamity.” I worry that without a proper financial analysis by independent experts, not hired by City staff, we will rue the day the City embarked on another plan to spend millions of taxpayer dollars.


Mayor Tubbs’ and Chief Jones’ community partners say: “POLICE GOTTA GO” despite working with them. 

By Frank Gayaldo

August 31, 2017

Stockton, CA – Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs recently made national news for suggesting that Stockton may benefit from a violence reduction strategy being utilized in Richmond, California that many critics have dubbed as “Cash for Criminals” a program known as Advance Peace, which pays young men suspected of being involved in fatal shootings to behave. 

Upon receiving overwhelming criticism from the public, Mayor Tubbs tried to quell public outrage by enlisting the Record to do a story explaining the alleged merits of the program. Tubbs also went to social media, posting that his plan will not cost taxpayers, as it will be funded solely by (yet to be publicly identified) private donor money. The Mayor claims he discovered the program during a “Google search” after there were several public murders in Stockton in just a few days earlier this summer. 

Meanwhile as “Cash for Criminals” is being argued in the court of public opinion, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (FFSJ), an entity which claims to be dedicated to “promote the cultural, spiritual, economic and social renewal of the most vulnerable families in Stockton and the greater San Joaquin Valley”, is a close political ally of Michael Tubbs. Even though it is illegal for tax exempt non profits to support political candidates, the law has not been a problem for FFSJ seen here not only attending his campaign kickoff as an organization, but posting their support of him on their Facebook page. 

Mayoral race opponent Carlos Villapudua even ran a commercial calling out the influence FFSJ Director Sammy Nunez has over Tubbs:

In fact Sammy Nunez was also questioned by a reporter from KOVR 13 for running for Stockton Unified School board even though the house he owns is in another city and the fact that him being a convicted felon would bar him from entry to any school while children are present. 

Nevertheless the relationship between Tubbs and Nunez is so close that Tubbs featured him on expensive campaign mailers for his mayor race. 

The relationship has paid off for Nunez and FFSJ with city funding aiding the organization and FFSJ even becoming a partner with both the Office of Violence Prevention and the Stockton Police Department so that both entities can qualify for lucrative government grants as is outlined in this document obtained from a public information request as part of a $600,000 grant from the state to “build community trust”:

Yet in stark contrast to this partnership, 209 Times has recently learned of a highly disconcerting four page agenda from a meeting at the McKinley Community Center on 5/13/17 allegedly generated by Fathers and Families representatives that include on page three the words in all capital letters “THE POLICE GOTTA GO”.  

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss turning McKinely Center and Park into “The Peoples Park”. Ironically the McKinley Center is run by the police department and FFSJ only has access to it with their permission. Other statements on the agenda include “Messaging the People’s Park” and 

“We are not asking for investment, we demand it!”

This following sentence is also in all capital letters: 

This document mentions the “need” to reach out to Mayor Tubbs and Councilman Jesus Andrade, along with the FFSJ desire to do more outreach to “at-risk youths”. The document suggests that at-risk youth outreach efforts at the “People’s Park” should receive additional generous taxpayer’s financial support, minus any police presence whatsoever. 

209 Times has put in a request from the City of Stockton per the California Public Records Act request seeking clarification in this matter. 

Earlier this year 209 Times did an exposé on Sammy Nunez denying that FFSJ had any working relationship with the Police Department to “build community trust” as caught on video:

In an apparent appeasement to FFSJ’s demands to the City and an example of their connection to the Mayor, just last week Tubbs and his political ally assemblymber Susan Eggman obliged them at a press conference at the same McKinley Park they plan to label as “The Peoples Park”. 

This begs the question: Are police, the very people who risk their lives to protect the public from harm, welcome at the “People’s Park” or not? Exactly how many taxpayer dollars are being “demanded”? What is the rationale behind the “POLICE GOTTA GO” from McKinley Park statement? How does such an inflammatory written statement reconcile with any legitimate youth mentorship program? And finally, it’s known Fathers and Families is providing services for the Stockton Police Department, County Probation and the City of Stockton, so why do they appear to be working against the same entities funding them? 

In the spirit of transparency, Fathers and Families, Chief Eric Jones, Mayor Tubbs, Mayor Tubbs’ “policy analyst” and/or “public information officer”, and Councilman Jesus Andrade owe it the public to clarify their positions. 

District Attorney Tori Verber-Salazar and Sheriff Steve Moore should also clarify their positions as to whether they view Cash for Criminals and Fathers and Families of San Joaquin as viable solutions to San Joaquin’s growing crime problems. They should, but they won’t. Why not? Simple. They all are recipients of oddly socially engineered grants that place them all in a compromised and symbiotic relationship for the benefit of themselves not the public. 

System Failure: Hard Truths Exposed about Stockton in Park Shootings While 162 Kids Were at Football Practice

By Motecuzoma Sanchez and Frank Gayaldo

August 28, 2017

Stockton, CA – Last Thursday there were three shootings in the Conway area of south Stockton near the Van Buskirk Golf Course/Community Center. Although, judging from the public police reports you would only know about one. 

This was the official Watch Commander report put out by Stockton Police last Thursday, August 24th. As you can see there is no mention of any shooting at any park. However, multiple witnesses were at the park or at home across the street when it occurred. In fact about 162 young children were practicing Pop Warner Football at the park at the time in addition to the ones playing on the playground near the community center. 

On the Report Thieves-Crime in Stockton Facebook page group members were posting about it right after it happened. 

Denise Manning, the former community outreach coordinator for the Office of Violence Prevention who just resigned in another sign of trouble for the office, which after 3 years has shown no results or a decrease in violent crime, even posted about the shooting on social media and the 911 line having no answer. 

She was not the only one reporting no answer from 911 in an emergency in Stockton during other incidents. 

When the report was put out Manning openly questioned its accuracy. 

209 Times reached out to SPD to inquire about the discrepancy. Here is their response:

“At 8:04 pm, we received a call that someone heard shots being fired in the area Van Buskirk Park, but nothing was seen.
At 8:26 pm, a shooting was called in at S. Lever / Georgia. The first unit arrived at 8:29 pm. Multiple units arrived and circulated for a victim while calls were made to the hospital to check for a shooting victim. Officers checking the area contacted several subjects who described being shot at. This Watch Commander entry is a synopsis of that report:

Assault with a Deadly Weapon, 2700 block of Indiana Street, Seaport District
The adult female and male victims were at home when they heard gun fire. Victim 1 came outside to see what was happening. The occupants of the suspect car started shooting at the victim. The victim took cover behind a car and was unharmed. No injuries were reported. SUSPECTS: 2-3 Black males in their twenties driving a silver Mercedes.”

This statement conflicts with what was told to novice high school reporter Gabriel Porras who also reached out to SPD:

209 Times has learned that in fact there was a shooting at Van Buskirk, actually more like a shootout between two different parties. Witnesses at the park say up to 20 shots were fired in rapid succession in full view of everyone while practice was still going on. Then there was a second shooting several blocks north on Georgia Street as alluded to in SPD’s statement to 209 Times. Then almost a half hour after that there was a third shooting on Indiana Street much further away, which was the only one reported by SPD to the public. 

Judging by their own statement it appears that SPD did not intially investigate the shooting at the park which witnesses believe led to the second and third. This fact is corroborated by multiple witnesses who kept calling police to the park saying there was no police response after nearly a half hour even though the police station is only ten minutes away for normal traffic without a siren. 

One of these concerned parents even took it upon herself to call Stockton City Manager Kurt Wilson while she remained on the ground after getting a negative response from the 911 dispatcher:

What this text reveals is that there was no response to the park for families or teams until an hour and a half later. And that the City Manager, who is not from Stockton and lives in Sacramento, does not know the difference between being in the Community Center with locked doors or out in the open park with 162 children plus parents and coaches. 

209 Times has confirmed that the number texted does in fact belong to Kurt Wilson. 

The park is located in south Stockton where Mayor Michael Tubbs wants to close the golf course to cut costs. It’s also in the zone that both Tubbs and Councilmember Jesus Andrade are taking credit for “reinventing” and ironically where Tubbs announced his run for Council in 2012. Also ironic is the fact that two of the football coaches are “Peacekeepers” for the Office of Violence Prevention who were left powerless. 

While hosting a “press conference” concerning Stockton parks just two days prior Mayor Tubbs, Councilmember Andrade, or Assemblymember Eggman have yet to make any statement condemning the violence or even mentioning it. 

Meanwhile this is the daily condition of the playground for the youngest of children in district 6 where they all represent. 

Despite this harsh reality one of the coaches for the south side Vikings Coach Irving says in the toughened and optimistic mentality indicative of surviving in Stockton says, ” we’re gonna move past this. We talked to the kids and showed them this is what happens when people have no guidance or direction. We don’t even let them bring it up anymore”. Using it as a lesson to teach about life in their community and reinforcing the importance of being successful through something positive like sports, he also reports that SPD will be present during future practices as demanded by parents. Another coach who wished to remain anonymous says this is the 3rd year in a row there’s been a shooting during practice and was more concerned that they’d have to move to another park that would charge more to practice. 

What’re the chances it’s solved or doesn’t lead to more violence as a result of not being addressed? What other crimes aren’t SPD reporting?

It’s in south Stockton and it’s as if it never happened. 

California SNAP Down

By JR Guillory 

August 17, 2017

California EBT recipients are unable to use SNAP benefits at this time, due to a down server that was first reported 6 hours ago, in Virginia. The State’s website is down and no official statement has been released by administrators, but a toll free number is available for emergency services. 
An estimated 37.6% of Stockton households have children in poverty, as local school districts have opened doors this week. It is unknown at this time when the system will be restored.
Clients are encouraged to call (866) 281-2448 to check on the status of the system restoration.
SNAP clients can call 2-1-1 to learn of food resources that might be available to supplement their needs during this temporary system outage. Clients can also call the Enterprise Customer Service Center at (855) 635-4370 with any additional questions related to their benefits.

The Stockton Record Remains Complicit on Corruption 


Frank Gayaldo

August 16, 2017

Fitzgerald and The Record Go Complicit 

When it became obvious the Sheriff of the largest county in the United States was corrupt, the Los Angeles Times pulled no punches, providing the most powerful checks and balances to the system as our great nation’s Founding Fathers intended. Thanks to the free press, Former Sheriff Lee Baca is now a convicted felon. 

A few days ago the Bakersfield Californian came out with an opinion piece that rightfully pointed out how outrageous that a couple dope dealing Kern County deputies only received probation for stealing pot plants from the sheriff’s evidence room. At least they were convicted of something.

However, here in Stockton, one of the most violent, poorly ran and corrupt cities in the entire nation, the local newspaper’s “star” columnist, Mike Fitzgerald,  has a “Record” (pun intended) of often praising corrupt and incompetent officials; or at least giving them a free pass. 

It’s a fact that our District Attorney, Tori Verber-Salazar,  has reluctantly admitted that San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore and a few select deputies have “stripped, sold and then purchased evidence guns at substantial discounts”.

 The DA admitted this was “of concern” and “a practice that should not continue”, but in a surprise twist that even the best Hollywood screenwriter could never dream up, she said that this was “not illegal”. 

Don’t believe a DA would have the audacity and or stupidity to suggest public embezzlement is only “of concern” but, not illegal? Read Tori Verber-Salazar’s bizarrely love letter to Sheriff Steve Moore here.

Yes, this letter is crazy. So in short the DA says the Sheriff stripped, sold and then purchased evidence guns at “substantial discounts”, and even personally obtained an evidence gun himself, and although this should not happen, it is not really illegal, just kinda sorta wrong and should not continue. To make matters even more interesting, Sheriff Steve Moore told numerous media outlets including the Record (before the DA love letter came out) that his office “never sold evidence guns to the best of my knowledge”. Huh????

Is the Stockton Record’s Mike Fitzgerald too frightened to ask the DA and the Sheriff to reconcile their stories, or does “Fitz” or his editors think it’s just not newsworthy enough to follow up on the irrefutable fact that either the Sheriff or the DA (or both) are lying? 

As 209 Times has reported in the past, District Attorney Tori Verber-Salazar graduated from a now defunct law school with a dubious record. (The Record refuses to report that also.) But it doesn’t take an educated law professional to understand that Moore lied on television and also to the Stockton Record. Lying to the media is not a crime, but stealing evidence absolutely is. 
Moore is in clear violation of the sheriff’s own written policy that was in place at the time of the illegal evidence gun sales, 12028(C) PC (public auction requirement that is even mentioned in Moore’s written policy) 514 PC (public embezzlement) and 1090 of the Government Code (government employees cannot buy government property when they negotiated the sale, AT ANY PRICE.
The Record’s Mike Fitzgerald disagrees. In fact he says a local attorney and law professor agrees with the DA that Moore did not break the law. Apparently Fitzgerald believes an attorney who allegedly said public embezzlement is perfectly legal, as long as it involves evidence guns? Did the attorney even really say that? 
The Record itself, who has endorsed Sheriff Moore during his last two elections, has failed to push the Sheriff or DA for answers to such basic questions as:
1. How much were the ‘substantial discounts’ Moore and others received on evidence guns?     
2. Why doesn’t the Sheriff know about an Uzi, serial MC01240, that was sold against court order on 7/11/12 for $750 that was once owned by Danny Ray Morrison, whose investigation led to the death of Deputy Dighton Little? (The DA, the Record and 209 Times has all the documents to prove this.) 

In what bizarre universe is public embezzlement legal? 

The San Joaquin County Grand Jury which is heavily influenced by the District Attorney, is currently allowing the Sheriff himself to complete an audit of the evidence room. As usual, the Stockton Record is being complicit. 

Read this Sheriff interoffice memo from 2015 and decide for yourself if the Sheriff should be allowed to conduct an audit on the very same evidence room that if you believe the DA, Sheriff Moore himself is already known to have somehow “legally” stolen from…

It is no secret the Record is hemorrhaging subscribers, advertisers and sadly journalists at an alarming rate. They’ve even lost their editor and publisher. While the newspaper industry as a whole is having challenges, the Stockton Record is severely underperforming compared to its nearby colleagues. 

Mike Fitzgerald recently and accurately wrote in one of his blogs that I cursed and went “ballistic” while discussing San Joaquin County corruption. I was thankful he didn’t also falsely accuse me of “stealing millions”, but I digress. Maybe if Mr. Fitzgerald would be more passionate about defending Stockton from corrupt local officials, more people would be inclined to read his newspaper column and less people like me would be so prone to cursing when talking about Stockton and all its problems. 

If it were not for social media, Stockton residents would have two choices: read the Record and be misinformed, or not read the Record and be uninformed. The Record’s failing business model shows the public is sick and tired of pedantic sycophants who keep praising our clearly corrupted local elected officials. 

“Fitz’s Stockton” deserves better. 

Trump’s AG Calls Tubbs’ Bluff on Stockton’s Sanctuary City Status.

By Motecuzoma Sanchez 

August 3, 2017

Stockton, CA – Stockton is being targeted by president Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions as one of several cities to lose federal funding to fight crime for being a “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants as announced in a new memo for the Justice Department. The catch is- Stockton is not even a “sanctuary city”. 

Earlier this year in February Roger Phillips of the Record wrote an article claiming Stockton under the leadership of mayor Michael Tubbs would be passing a resolution declaring Stockton as a “sanctuary city”. Sanctuary status is a policy by cities that declare by policy that their bars funding for any law enforcement agencies to engage in seeking to determine the immigration status of people they encounter or cooperate with federal authorities in enforcing federal immigration laws and policies. Stockton police chief Eric Jones even made a show of this by publicly declaring support of the sanctuary city policy, which critics saw as simply being a politically motivated ruse.  This ruse, as presented to the public by ardent Tubbs supporter Roger Phillips in his article for the Record even admitted the resolution lacked a single mention of “sanctuary city”. They promoted it to the community as such nonetheless. 

Resolution below:

The federal funding at risk is specifically for cities with higher than average crime rates to help fight their criminal elements. As the 2nd most violent city in California this puts Stockton in a bind, especially when the declaration of Stockton as a sanctuary city was a ruse and not even true. As a result under Tubbs and Jones’ leadership, Stockton will lose funding to fight rising crime and undocumented immigrants still won’t be protected from ICE using local law enforcement. 

Below is a copy of that DOJ memo and its requirements:

To keep in line with mayor Tubbs’ ruse to fool the public into thinking Stockton is a “sanctuary city” and maintain liberal support he’s issued the following statement on twitter, deceptive in its nature, that only mentions one aspect of the funding requirements, attempting to satisfy conservatives and residents concerned with Stockton’s high crime rate and deceive them into thinking nothings at risk: 

Tubbs’ statement on twitter

The key word in the entire statement is “current federal funding. The grant is for funding the city had applied for, but not yet received. And unless the city assures the Department of Justice that it will fully comply with Trump’s mandates it will be eliminated from consideration and those funds will in fact be denied. To comply is to also definitively abandon the very tenets of being a “sanctuary city”. 

Currently Stockton Police do not have a specific agreement with the DOJ in a program callled 287(g) which also ensures compliance with federal enforcement. 

However, as usual regarding business, government, and politics- the devil is in the detail. Such a policy does not also restrict such cooperation, which is a tenet of sanctuary status. The key statement in Jones’ memo being “solely on the ground that he or she may be a deportable alien” with the keyword being “solely“. Again, it’s deceptive. 

So you understand the difference between Stockton’s ploy and what an actual Sanctuary City is, below is the text of San Francisco’s actual ordinance, not just a resolution:

Stockton residents deserve to know not just the difference, but the truth. 

Mayor Tubbs Doubles Down on “Cash for Criminals” for Stockton in Community Presentation 

July 31, 2017

Stockton, CA – At a church this evening Michael Tubbs presented his idea to deal with the city’s high crime, particularly violent crime. 

To an audience of about 30, most of whom were city staff or non profits funded by the city who supported Tubbs’ campaign, Advance Peace was presented. 

After the first 20 minutes, which was a presentation of recent news coverage of Tubbs, including recognition for the “mayor  who tweets the most in the nation” by his Public Information Officer Daniel Lopez, 

Michael took the microphone briefly to say The program from Richmond, CA was being “explored” for Stockton and was a “results based” program. This happened to also be what he said about Ceasefire when it was implemented in 2013 as he began his term as a city councilmember. Since then violent crime has instead increased consecutively over its three years. 

The claim of “exploring” Advance Peace would be immediately contradicted by his PIO Lopez whom he again turned the microphone back over to to present the program in a slide show which included a Next Step of applying to have the city selected as one of two cities in California. 

When audience members were invited to ask question, Motecuzoma Sanchez who completed a program evaluation of Ceasefire as a graduate student at USC asked Tubbs how AP would be differ from Ceasefire which is not producing the desired results. Tubbs responded that Ceasefire only focuses on parolees and AP would focus on active shooters and not gangs. However, Ceasefire is not designed to focused on parolees which seemed an odd statement as it was incorrect. 

In fact the only comparable difference Richmond seems to have (besides being ⅓ the size of Stockton and differ demographics) is that AP pays a monthly stipend of up to $1,300. With a supposed 85 “clients”‘ that the Peacekeepers have as part of Ceasefire and the Office of Violence Prevention the theoretical cost annually would be $1,326,000. Tubbs also claimed that AP would also be differ because it would have a more intense mentorship component. Yet, mentorship was supposed to already be one of the selling points for the Peacekeepers who currently do pay for things such as gas cards for clients and do house visits. When asked by another audience member if police chief Eric jones was in support, Tubbs claimed he had not yet discussed it with him. 

The real questions and concerns for many have been the lack of results with the current programs that are mirror images of Richmond’s except for the stipend. Programs that only have 85 clients ( a number that has been the same for over a year) after more than three years, no measurables, increased violent crime rates, and no independent audit of the millions of dollars ($26,000,000) its funding source Measure A brings in annually.  The Community Engagement Coordinator for the Office of Violence Prevention, Đenise Manning, resigned her position last week causing a major shake up, citing the city’s lack of comprehensive plans and lack of results. 
One community member in attendance at the meeting, Đenise Aguilar said:

“I grew up hanging out with gangbangers. It was a lifestyle I chose. It isn’t a circumstance or beyond my control. I did it because I wanted to. I knew the risk, we all do. We change when we are ready not when someone dangles a carrot. A lot of my friends from then are now dead, in prison or strung out. With a few that still dabble but for the most part grew up. 

What the mayor is proposing is insane, paying gangbangers to not shoot, having them babysat constantly and putting them thru school or relocate. You can do all of that without paying them. 

How about you invest that money into activities, after school programs, pools, libraries, parks and classrooms so kids have an option for a better future. You can’t pay someone to behave, but you can show them a different way that does not include bribary. This is a terrible idea for Stockton.”

Before closing the meeting Tubbs accused community members who criticized the notion of paying stipends to people suspected of shooting other people not to as “making up lies” Michael Tubbs has openly admitted to coming up with the idea after a wave of homicides in the city by a conducting a google search. 

The Resignation of Denise Manning Signals Major Blow for Stockton’s Failing Office of Violence Prevention

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

July 31, 2017

Stockton, CA- In a move that can only be construed as a major shake up, Denise Manning has resigned her position as Community Engagement Coordinator in less than 2 years. This announcement, which came via social media from Manning, came as a surprise to many in the community. The lingering question remains as to why. 

Manning was brought in with fanfare in 2016 along with Latosha Walden who was hired as the new manager nearly a year after the original manager, Jessica Glynn, of the OVP was fired after just two months on the job at 8 months pregnant, triggering a discrimination lawsuit against the City. 

In her time as Community Engagement Coordinator, Manning became the public face of the OVP, setting up community meetings, attending Measure A oversight meetings, and creating a young women mentorship program. Her efforts carried the weight of the OVP and the Measure A oversight committee recognized that by recommending additional funding to support her efforts as an anti-violence action. 

Her suden resignation came prior to those funds being approved and amidst rumors of internal turmoil with the OVP under the lack luster, and at times ill prepared, leadership of Walden including the overwhelming appearance that Walden as the manager of the OVP was not in charge,but being  directed by assistant city manager Christian Clegg whom Glynn’s lawsuit targeted for discrimination. 

Allegations of turmoil, pay disputes, discrimination in promotion opportunities, and complaints filed against management among Peacekeepers, the workhorse component of Ceasefire and the OVP, have also been a constant backdrop to the office and its mission. A mission after three years in operation is not producing the desired results. Since the creation of the OVP and implementation Ceasefire, which it is tasked with managing via the Peacekeepers as funded by Measure A, the trend of violent crime in stockton has actually increased significantly over the last three years. 

*OVP/CF/Measure A Took effect in 2014

Manning alluded to this concern in her resignation statement: 

“OVP doesn’t have a strategic plan for violence. I don’t want to bash anyone but although I’m leaving to make a larger impact I do have growing concerns about the growing crime rate and lack of Violence Prevention plan for the community. I also have concerns about the lack of support for the programs implemented. Measure A recommended $125,000 in an effort to assist me with preventing violence with our youth however the steady focus for OVP is ceasefire.”

In regards to those programs and mayor Tubbs’ controversial proposal to pay $1,000 monthly stipends to suspected shooters in the community not to shoot people she says: 

“Until there is an audit on the funds allocated for violence prevention (requested by measure A) & of the effectiveness of the ceasefire program & other programs in place or lack thereof & until the office of violence prevention manager can inform the stockton community of the violence prevention plan in place to prevent violence & answer the questions presented by the Measure A committee & community citizens, I’m strongly against paying anybody anything and more in support of paying for the resources high risk individuals may need on a case by case basis.”

Manning says her focus now will be her retail store and mentorship non-profit for young at-risk women in Stockton with a focus on restorative justice; something she did not feel was being impacted by the city’s “Marshal plan”, Ceasefire, Peacekeepers, or Office of Violence Prevention. 

Who’s Burning Down Stockton? 4th Playground Set Ablaze

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

By Motecuzoma Sanchez 

July 20, 2017

Stockton, CA – In yet another mysterious fire to hit Stockton in the last year, the 4th playground at a public park has been burned. 

If this is the work of multiple arsonists or a serial arsonist remains to be discovered.

Photo credit Wendi Maxwell
 The city of stockton is claiming each playground costs the city $100,000 and that they are insured. How long it takes to replace the playgrounds also remains to be seen. 

Arson is up 67% in Stockton this year compared to the previous year. 

After 7 Homicides in 9 Days Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Wants to Use Tax Payer Money to Pay Criminals to Behave. 

July 5, 2017

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Stockton, CA- After 4 homicides in as many days, bringing a total of 7 in 9 days, (including several more shootings including one targeting police officers) Mayor Tubbs finally makes a public statement tells reporters he wants to explore using tax payer funding to pay criminals not to commit crime. 

He alludes to a controversial program in Richmond, CA which pays a stipend to criminals based on how well they behave per month. The less crime they committ, the more they are paid- up to $1,300 a month. 

Currently Stockton has the highest sales tax rate in California due to Measure A and B which takes $27 million annually from the tax base for the purpose of hiring more police officers to fight crime and pay for the historic bankruptcy. Except after 3 years the promised number of police officers has not been hired and logistically will not during the time promised to voters. 

Mayor Tubbs also alluded to Detroit’s Greenlight Project which forces small business owners to install security cameras to aid police and make them available after 10PM. What has residents scratching their heads about that plan is the fact that many of these shootings have occurred in broad daylight including today’s which was in front of a popular pizza parlor in traffic on one of the city’s main streets and days earlier at a park.  

In December of 2016 as mayor elect, Tubbs told reporters that his “new plan” to combat crime would be Ceasefire. This statement was surprising considering the fact that Ceasefure had already been in effect during his council term since 2013 and is funded by Measure A. A new Office of Violence Prevention was even created to oversee it, yet four years later they still have no strategic plan and violent crime increased every year consecutively since its implementation. 

Meanwhile, after millions of additional dollars through taxes have been paid by residents, Stockton remains the second most violent city in California with its police department being the 5th most violent in the nation over the last 4 years; all of the recent victims (92% since 2010) have been Mexican or Black; the Office of Violence Prevention has no strategic plan; in the last 4 murders in the last 4 days not a single arrest has been made; and Mayor Tubbs urges that “overall crime continues to trend downward” alluding to a 1% drop in property crimes over the last several years.