San Joaquin Natives Dishonored by Michael Tubbs, Lange Luntao, and Philanthropy Community

June 1, 2018

The Native American community of Stockton demonstrated Friday in front of the university plaza as water protectors at Mayor Tubbs’ hosted event meant to draw philanthropist to Stockton. Their prime concern was his invitation to Wells Fargo, Bank of America and BBVA Compass that are responsible for funding crude oil pipelines (#NoDAPL #StopLine3 #NoKXL etc) harmful to Indigenous communities and sovereign tribal treaty rights that desecrate their sacred stolen land in addition to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Their concerns also included Tubbs being portrayed as an innovative leader when the City of Stockton continues to celebrate the rape, murder and genocide of American Indians by observing Columbus Day and Thanksgiving holidays instead of honoring the indigenous people of this stolen land like countless other cities, counties and states across the nation.

The collective philanthropy community also support Native American leadership, organizations and movements at a rate of less than half of 1% and even less for some philanthropy guests. In addition, they asked philanthropy organization attendee’s such as the Latino Community Foundation to stop giving special thanks to these big banks such as Wells Fargo and instead, divest and cease all financial relationships with institutions that fund the Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL, Line 3, etc. Nationally respected and local Native American leaders wanted to make it clear the outside visitors were getting a more complete picture of Stockton other than Tubbs’ manufactured “Reinvent Stockton” agenda since they didn’t receive an invitation to this invitation-only event.

Also of concern is the fact that Stockton Unified trustee and Director of Reinvent Stockton Foundation, Lange Luntao who also attended and helped facilitate the tour for a national philanthropy community, is using his elected position to solicit private funding successfully yet failing to fulfill his promise of educational equity for all students. Native leaders promised him they will hold him accountable as sufficient progress has not been made on their demands in relation to the Native American Indian Center, the original ethnic studies program of Stockton with substantial funding continued to be mismanaged by Stockton Unified.

When confronted by Natives about inviting the big banks well known nationally for funding crude oil pipeline projects that desecrate their sacred stolen land and violate their sovereign tribal treaty rights, Tubbs’ claimed he wasn’t aware of this indigenous-led climate justice movement so they took the time to kindly educate our mayor and brief him on the urgency of his solidarity with Native communities and movements. When they demanded Tubbs’ to ask the four representatives from the big banks to leave the event as a first step to Divest Stockton from socially irresponsible financial institutions, he deflected responsibility saying he’d instead ask the philanthropy community attendees as a group to collectively decide if they should be sent home. Lange Luntao was present during this conversation as he was called out for rubbing elbows with dirty money murdering Indigenous communities.

Tubbs and Luntao never came back outside to communicate their collective decision and continued to facilitate this event amongst these big banks linking arms with banks funding Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in the name of Reinventing Stockton. A representative of NorCal Grantmakers came outside to ask Native leaders if they wanted to be recorded and when pressured for a decision, communicated their collective decision to allow the big banks to stay at the event and tour. Deeply disappointed in local elected leaders they trusted and the philanthropy community that claims to value a better world yet failed to stand in solidarity with American Indian leaders and movements; our sovereign Native community was betrayed and dishonored on their stolen land.

Also important to note, the voices of Stockton’s Native leaders weren’t uplifted or highlighted in any capacity in the media when sharing information and reflections about the day by local outlets or attendees. This intentional colonizing act of silencing the voices of sovereign nations that have government to government relationships with the United States further reflects a true disinterest and disrespect for Native leadership, communities and movements. For immediate release, they called upon Tubbs to enact two new socially responsible policy solutions and ordinances, #DivestStockton in addition to the celebration of #MiwokDay and #YokutsDay instead of Columbus Day and Thanksgiving holiday. Above all, the Native leaders of our city made it clear there is no justice in Stockton without indigenous justice on their stolen land.


An Open Letter to Supervisor Kathy Miller Regarding Her Interesting Relationship With Multiple Embezzlers

February 28, 2018

By Frank Gayaldo

An Open Letter to Supervisor Kathy Miller:

Many 209 Times readers have been expressing their dissatisfaction with your avoidance to interject yourself in the Swenson Park debate. Your explanation was essentially that it would be inappropriate for you to utilize your influence in a city matter.

Yet this very morning you were utilizing your influence to encourage no less than a Superior Court Judge to grant your long time associate and newly convicted criminal “Miracle Mimi” Nguyen leniency in what should have been a felony embezzlement case.  Your efforts appeared to have been successful. Miracle Mimi avoided State Prison, which by definition means she was not charged with a felony.  (Tori Verber Salazar knew she had to charge Miracle Mimi with something so the political favoritism wouldn’t continue to be so blatantly obvious.)

Many of our readers were surprised you would take a such a politically risky stance in an election year. They were shocked that not only were you defending a criminal, but by doing so you were boldly going against the desires of the business owners hurt by Miracle Mimi’s calculated actions. Some are asking 209 Times in private messages “Why would such a cold, sophisticated personality like Kathy Miller take such a political risk to benefit an admitted criminal?”

When it was first discovered Miracle Mimi was padding her resume with false degrees and stealing money from the Miracle Mile, rumor was that Miracle Mimi was able to avoid bail and an ankle bracelet (unlike former Mayor Anthony Silva) because of Miracle Mimi’s “juice card” with you, and your “juice card” with District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar.

Was today the first time you used your political or personal influence (not quite sure how you can separate those) to assist Ms. Nguyen in receiving favorable treatment from the criminal justice system?

As you know, you have quite the tangled history not only with Miracle Mimi, but also with embezzlement.

Here are two examples:

In 2007, Attorney Gil Somera (known for his ability to create miracles not only for Mimi, but helped Mayor Tubbs’ with his miraculously disappearing DUI) was defending yet another embezzler. Please read this excerpt from the 2007 Record article “Woman charged with defrauding Stockton Alliance”:

“Alliance Executive Director Kathy Miller reported the missing money to Stockton police on Oct. 12.

Boccoli has been placed on leave from the alliance, which promotes and maintains the downtown with a roughly $1 million annual budget, until the charges are resolved, alliance officials have said.

Miller said the organization has filed to recoup its losses through its insurance.”

Did Mimi ever work under you formally or informally at the Downtown Business Alliance? Were Mimi or you ever suspected, even briefly, of having anything to do with the $150,000 or more that was embezzled in 2007 under your watch? Did Miracle Mimi help you in any way fill out any insurance claims during that time?

Your second relationship with embezzlement involves your close friend Sheriff Steve Moore. You have yet to admonish Sheriff Moore for “stripping, selling and then purchasing guns of unknown histories and origins at substantial discounts”. Why have you been silent about GunGate, EvidenceGate and EscapeGate?  Is it true you are still endorsing Sheriff Steve Moore for re-election, even after Coroner-Gate?

If justice is ever even remotely served, would you also speak on Sheriff Moore’s behalf at his sentencing?

Your choice in friends and the topics you decide to weigh in on are interesting to say the least.

Yours truly,

Frank Gayaldo

209 Times

Ex-Miracle Mile chief gets 180-day sentence

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Caught Red Handed Misusing Public Funds to Buy Alcohol in Long Beach

February 18, 2018

Stockton, CA

209 Times has evidence that Michael Tubbs used public funds to buy alcohol, falsified official government documents, and conspired with his assistant to cover it up.

In his response to the proponents of the effort to recall Mayor Tubbs, Michael says in his statement, “I fully support accountability and transparency”. That statement is especially ironic in light of a recent discovery. After obtaining receipts of his spending of a discretionary fund meant “for projects that are significant to the residents of Stockton” (File # 17-3839), and travel receipts for the year of 2017, 209 Times has received evidence of Michael Tubbs committed a crime as Mayor of Stockton.

That crime is 424 PC Misuse of Public Funds. Even though it is clear that the newly passed discretionary funds is intended for projects in Stockton, Tubbs used tax payer money to fund a trip for his associates affiliated with the Fathers&Families of San Joaquin non profit, which is being investigated by the IRS for illegally campaigning for him, to go to a conference in Long Beach. Tax payers not only paid for their rental car, gas, hotel rooms, and a plane flight, but also their $50 steak dinners and alcoholic drinks.

It is illegal per state law and city policy to use public funds to pay for alcohol, yet that did not stop Tubbs from allowing it at a dinner he hosted on the Queen Mary. The dinner included $50 surf n turf plates, $38 ribeye steaks, $10 clam chowders, and a $15 glass of wine as well as beers.

Tubbs sought reimbursement for this dinner (against state law and city policy) while having his assistant Cameron Burns write up the reimbursement form. Burns most likely was also reimbursed for driving him to Long Beach as his designated driver.

Violating city policy, they turned in a non itemized receipt to hide the fact it included alcoholic beverages, claiming they “were not able to obtain an itemized receipt”.

This of course was not true as we were able to obtain one 7 months after the fact from the Chowder House Grill and Bar. In lieu of an itemized receipt they listed attendees of the dinner meant to provide “quality time” that includes Fathers&Families staff and Executive Director Sammy Nunez a convicted felon who has threatened several community members on behalf of Tubbs and who has received hundreds of thousands of dollars of city money since campaigning for Tubbs and appearing on his campaign mailers.

Tubbs, who hosted the dinner, signed off on the reimbursement form which was then inexplicably approved by the city attorney and deputy city manager Christian Clegg.

Stockton is a working class city whose violent crime rates and homelessness have increased since Tubbs became mayor despite him campaigning on those priorities as his platform. 25% of the city lives below the poverty line and its unemployment rate is above state and national averages. Nevertheless Mayor Tubbs, who was arrested for a DUI as a Councilmember and has voted to raise taxes and water rates by 40% on Stockton residents several times, felt it was appropriate to use tax payer funds to wine and dine his friends that include multiple convicted felons and a member of a registered hate group.

In response to the recall petition he also states, “The power to remove an individual from office is reserved for the greatest betrayals of public trust, not just because you disagree with someone”. This certainly seems to meet his own criteria.

The city policy for violating said policy is clear and includes “criminal prosecution”.

Sheriff Moore’s Investigation Of Himself Still Not Completed

January 18, 2018

By Frank Gayaldo

After investigating Sheriff Moore for allegedly embezzling from his own evidence room, the San Joaquin County Grand Jury made several findings, including these two bizarre conclusions:

1) Evidence was not missing, it was just “misplaced”.

2) The Sheriff should be allowed to complete his own audit, on or before December 31, 2017.

In the below July 28, 2017 Grand Jury response letter, Sheriff Moore stated “[the audit] currently is anticipated to be completed by the end of October of 2017”.

As of January 16, 2018, the public has not been notified if Sheriff Moore’s internal audit determined if Sheriff Moore or his subordinates have embezzled from the evidence room, or if the “misplaced” evidence former Grand Jury spokesman Bert Brown told Fox 40’s Kay Recede about was ever located.

In other related news, it has come to 209 Times’ attention that the Sheriff is doing an “open recruitment” for an evidence custodian.

Letters From Richmond Against “Advance Peace” in Stockton

January 8, 2017

In memory of,

As a resident of Richmond, CA, and someone who has been affected by the alleged actions of ONS members, I’m writing this letter to you, the residents of Stockton, to give you a different perspective to consider. With the upcoming City Council vote on Tuesday, 1/9, you deserve to have as much information as possible.


Advance Peace is designed to replicate a program that originated in Richmond, CA, called the Operation Peacemaker Fellowship.

The Operation Peacemaker Fellowship program was created in 2010, and is part of the Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS), created in 2007, in Richmond, CA. The Operation Peacemaker Fellowship is an 18-month program that identifies young adults who tend to be involved in gun crime, and provides them counseling, social services, cash stipends and all-expense paid travel to various destinations around the world, as incentives to not get involved in criminal activity. A member of the program is called a “fellow”, and each 18-month session is referred to as a “cohort”.

Operation Peacemaker fellows can be paid a cash stipend, which is now called the “Life-Map Milestone Allowance”, of up to $1300 per month. After 6 successful months in the program, and meeting certain life-map goals, they can qualify for the financial stipend. Additionally, the fellows can experience “transformative travel” to various destinations throughout the United States and worldwide.

According to DeVone Boggan, founding director of Richmond’s ONS, the fellow’s travel partner is someone who is also in the program, and in a rival gang. Rivals are paired up so they can learn how to handle their differences without resorting to violence. The program can be repeated for another 18 months if they are successful.

The ONS doesn’t share information with the Richmond Police Department, because that would ruin the trust that has been built between the street outreach employees, called Neighborhood Change Agents, and the fellows in the program. Many people mistakenly think that the ONS is run by the Richmond Police Department. That is NOT the case. The ONS is run by the City of Richmond.

The fellows are allowed to keep their guns, in order to protect themselves.

DeVone Boggan served as Neighborhood Safety Director, overseeing the ONS, from 2007 until he resigned in March of 2016. He started his own non-profit consulting firm, called Advance Peace, so he could bring the “Richmond Fellowship Model” – meaning the Operation Peacemaker Fellowship program that was created in 2010 – to other cities throughout the United States.

Even though he resigned from the ONS in March 2016 to start Advance Peace, Boggan and his organization have been under contract with city of Richmond to oversee ONS operations since he left. His current contract expires June 30, 2018.

How does ONS/Advance Peace measure the success of their programs?

There are only three guidelines that the Operation Peacemaker program looks at to measure success:

1. Is the fellow still alive?
2. Has the fellow suffered any new firearm-related injuries?
3. Is the fellow a suspect in any new firearm-related activity?
That’s it. If the answer is YES to those three questions, success has been achieved.

ABC Nightline did a series featuring the Operation Peacemaker Fellowship program. Links below:

First Video: Aired April 6, 2016 – ABC Nightline

Second Video: Aired August 31, 2016 – ABC Nightline

Third Video: Also aired August 31, 2016 -ABC Nightline

The series features two rival gang members who are in the program. ABC follows them through some of their daily routines with the ONS. They also take a “transformative travel” trip together to New York. Throughout, DeVone Boggan explains some of the concepts of how the program works.

The two ONS fellows that were featured in the ABC Nightline series are now facing numerous criminal charges, in separate cases. One young man has been charged with 2 murders in Richmond, 3 days apart, in September 2016.

The other young man, along with 6 of his associates, has been charged with more than 30 felonies, including 3 murders in Richmond, 14 attempted murders, 2 carjackings, a home-invasion robbery, 6 armed robberies, and 4 home burglaries, along with gang and firearm enhancements. All of these crimes happened over the course of seven months, between the months of February thru September 2016.

It is unknown if his six associates were in the same ONS program, because the ONS doesn’t make the names of program members available to the public.

All 5 of the murders happened in Richmond, but many of the other crimes were committed in cities outside of Richmond. Every single crime involved guns.

What went so horribly wrong?

The cohort that they were in ended sometime in September 2016, so many, if not all of the crimes that they are accused of committing, occurred WHILE THEY WERE STILL IN THE PROGRAM.

These two young men had to have been the best examples of how the program can help change lives, otherwise they wouldn’t have been chosen to be featured on ABC Nightline. The fact that they were able to commit such a large number of violent, gun-related crimes over a relatively short period of time raises many questions about the program.

How were these two young men, that appeared to be doing well in the program, able to go completely off-track and commit so many different crimes without anyone knowing? What happened to all of the mentorship, multiple daily contacts, life-maps and other tools that DeVone Boggan speaks about when discussing how “successful” the Richmond Fellowship Model is? With all of the opportunities that are being given to them, how did they have the time to plan and carry out all of this?

What if this was YOUR child, brother, sister, parent or other family member that was murdered or affected by these horrendous crimes? Wouldn’t YOU want to know how this was allowed to happen, and have some type of accountability?

In one of the Nightline shows, Boggan refers to one of the young men as a “serial shooter” and a “hunter”. How can the residents of Richmond be expected to put their trust back into into this program after such a failure, especially when the program director uses terms like “serial shooter” to describe a participant?

The ONS knew that there were “serial shooters” on the loose in Richmond and surrounding cities, and did absolutely nothing to stop them. The result of that negligence was that five families were changed forever due to murder, not to mention the many other victims that survived attempted murders, carjackings, etc.

The ONS knew about their violent pasts and all of these crimes could have been prevented. This potentially could open up a whole can of legal worms for Richmond, ONS and possibly Advance Peace, since they have been under contract with Richmond since Boggan left in March 2016.

Where is the accountability?

I’ve spoken out about my concerns with the ONS and also about Richmond contracting with Advance Peace at many City Council meetings over the last year. Recently, one of our Richmond City Council members reached out to me and offered to help set up a meeting with other City Council members and ONS employees to discuss what could be done so that this never happens again.

Improvements to the “Richmond Fellowship Model” that DeVone Boggan wants to bring to Stockton and other cities should be considered, to ensure that that the crime spree that was allowed to happen in Richmond  between February 2016 – September 2016 never happens again.

Here are a couple of ideas to consider:

1. Instead of trying to recruit the most violent youth and trying to change them, maybe they should approach semi-violent youth, who might have a better chance of this type of intervention working, BEFORE they get to the point where criminal activity has become a perfectly normal lifestyle.

2. It would be nice to see some information about what happens with the fellows after they finish the program. Maybe a study with some of the former fellows over a five or ten-year period to see if they are keeping their lives on track with no arrests, and successfully working or attending school.

There definitely needs to be more transparency and accountability in order for communities to place their trust in these types of programs.

Theresa Russell

Richmond Resident

Hello My Name is Chantee Nealy. I lost my 17 year old son at the hands of a hunter. Well that’s what Devone Boggan, the founder of Advance Peace, said. My son Chrisean had big dreams. He was on his way to LSU for Basketball. Chrisean wasn’t perfect but, he stayed focus on school and basketball. Chrisean always said, “Mama, Daddy, I’m going to go to collage and get us out of Richmond”. On August 22, 2016 my son turned 17 and was only 17 for 20 days. He thought he was safe going to his best friend’s house. Who would have ever thought that day would be his last? My son texed me at 6:30PM that day and I told him we would be on our way to pick him up. Right as we were arriving my son was killed, shot five times in front of us, brutally by the “hunter” Rice.

My advice to the people of Stockton is please don’t pay criminals for bad behavior. You would be helping them get guns and drugs. What happened to my son is proof that the program is a flop. Stop Advance Peace from fooling anyone else.


Chantee Nealy

The Case Against Advance Peace

January 6, 2018

Op-Ed by Motecuzoma Sanchez

The Case Against Advance Peace

Everything being sold to the public about Advance Peace is identical to the same sales pitch offered six years ago for the “Marshal Plan”, Operation Ceasefire, the Office of Violence Prevention, and the tax plan funding them- Measure A. After four years in operation and more than $100 million collected in additional sales tax, Stockton is more dangerous. In fact, the occurrences of violent crime have increased every year consecutively since these programs and tax went into effect in 2013.

Everything these programs promised are a mirror image of the Cash for Criminals program known as Advance Peace now being touted; the biggest difference being the monthly cash stipend and all expenses paid trips for suspected violent shooters. The other glaring difference being that at least Ceasefire has had academic studies scrutinizing its effectiveness, Advance Peace has none. It offers no data, no expert testimony, and no evidence of correlation between its existence and crime rates in Richmond, CA-,only anecdotal examples that are easily offset by examples of their “success stories” or “fellows” featured on ABC’s Nightline being arrested for multiple murders, attempted murders, and violent armed robberies conducted while they were in the program.

As a graduate student at USC’s school of public policy I conducted an evaluation of Stockton’s Ceasefire and identified glaring issues I predicted would affect its effectiveness. None of those recommendations were listened to and fours years later the results are one of failure.

Four years later we still don’t have the number of new police officers promised by Measure A and won’t anytime soon. Even Chief Jones publicly admits that. There has also never been an independent audit of the funds collected (some $29 million a year), despite multiple demands for one from Measure A Oversight Committee members.

Four years later the number of homicides (32 in 2013) have increased 71% (55 in 2017).

Four years later the Office of Violence Prevention has seen the controversial firing (and lawsuit) of its original manager, and public resignation of protest from its Community Outreach Coordinator, Denise Manning. It’s budget is more than one million annually which supports mostly top heavy administrators and staff whose greatest achievements include hosting coffee meetings with the public.

Four years later “Marshal Plan” committee members openly question its purpose while others like Pastor Shields resigned in protest.

Four years ago Michael Tubbs campaigned on crime as a councilmember. This was echoed again in his mayoral campaign. He touted himself as the “only one with a plan” to curb crime. His first year as mayor saw homicides increase 11%, rape increase 27%, armed robbery increase 3%, and arsons increase 171%. Since he’s been on the city council, as both councilmember and mayor, 235 Stocktonians have been murdered with minimal arrests or convictions.

As a knee jerk reaction to the rising homicide rates last summer, Tubbs, perhaps with aid of his overly paid personal staffers, found Advance Peace in a Google search, which he himself told the media. Now he’s hung his hat on bringing it to Stockton, which seems more like a stubborn public relations move than a critical introspective on the failures of the current programs. In fact, it can also be interpreted as a referendum and condemnation by the mayor of the very same programs he helped tout five years ago as a candidate and councilmember. Oddly enough he’s not trying to institutionalize Advance Peace into city operations, but control and fund it via his personal non profit Reinvent Stockton.

The only thing he’s asking from the city is to co-sign it via a required four year governmental commitment required by its founder DeVonne Boggan. And in asking councilmembers to co-sign his pet project next council meeting he’s offering no numbers critical to said decision. The biggest questions for them should be what is the city on the hook for should the private funders fall through and what administrative cost to the city will be associated with the program’s implementation? None is offered on the legislative text he is asking councilmembers to approve.

The next logical question then becomes if the “Marshal Plan”, Ceasefire, and the Office of Violence Prevention/Peacekeepers are ineffective causing the need to bring Advance Peace, then why is the public still paying the Measure A sales tax that funds them? It’s one or the other. Perhaps it’s time to repeal Measure A.

Most importantly of all, what becomes of the expectation for justice for the families of victims like three year old Melanie Martinez and seventeen year old Juwan Small? Or Jennie Roeun, the mother of five young children, killed in a mass drive by shooting last month that injured five, killing three? Are we as a just society supposed to allow them to be taunted by allowing a program to now pay their killers and take them on trips to Disneyland that their loved ones will never have the opportunity to?

P.S. The city of Richmond is currently facing several lawsuits regarding Advance Peace brought on by the families of victims killed by its “fellows”. The next hearing is schedule January 19th, ten days after Stockton’s city council will take their vote to adopt or not. Richmond’s homicide rate increased 91% from 11 in 2014 to 21 2015, and 21 again in 2016.

Sheriff Moore’s record of child molesting, drug dealing, gun running, gang affiliated, and inmate raping subordinates

December 28, 2017

By Frank Gayaldo

Editor’s note: While doing research for this story, we discovered a male deputy had recently been secretly placed on administrative leave for having felonious sex with a female inmate. See that story from yesterday here:

The majority of sheriff employees are dedicated professionals who are not suspected of committing felonies. But there are some definite outliers, including Sheriff Moore himself.

The Sheriff has been personally accused of so many criminal acts, by so many different accusers, it is difficult for the public to wrap their mind around it all. Sheriff Moore’s personal list of alleged transgressions includes public embezzlement, perjury, obstruction of justice, gun running, destroying computer evidence, destroying physical evidence, lying to victim families, and the latest: authorizing the practice of medicine without a license on corpses.

The growing list of accusers against Sheriff Moore includes law enforcement professionals from five different law enforcement agencies. Moore maintains his innocence, while DA Tori Verber Salazar is so far maintaining control of all criminal investigations dealing with the Sheriff. This is in spite the irrefutable fact that she was personally involved in some of the activities in question. Sources within the county tell us Salazar’s refusal to recuse herself is disconcerting to say the least.

The Board of Supervisors solution to this myriad of scandals? Tell the public they will “explore” separating the Sheriff from the Coroner’s Office. Despite multiple protests, the Board has so far refused to demand that the FBI and State Attorney intervene. Sources from deep inside the county are claiming at least two of the most prominent Board members are aware of the outrage on social media, but are not moved “by the loud noise of a few” and remain confident the average voter “couldn’t care less about any of this”. The county views an outside investigation as “potentially catastrophic” with “no upside”.

This last March, DA Tori Verber Salazar admitted Sheriff Moore stripped, sold and then ultimately purchased back guns of “unknown histories and origins” at “substantial discounts”. Salazar said this practice is “of concern” and “should stop”, but inexplicably alleges this was “not illegal”. Salazar failed to acknowledge her office was also receiving discounts from the very same Bay Area gun dealer Moore was using to fence revolvers, semi automatic and fully automotive weapons through. ( Just for the record, 1090 of the Government Code and public embezzlement are clearly illegal. The DA’s below letter clearly memorizes Sheriff activity that is blatantly against the law.)

Moore has refused to comment on what “best practices” he will implement to address this situation until Salazar issues her “final report” which after over six years, has yet to have been released.

2015 Sheriff interoffice memos have since surfaced that suggest Moore is staging another 1000 confiscated guns for sale. Salazar and Moore refuse to comment on this. These same memos suggests loose drugs, not in evidence envelopes, are being improperly stored in gun lockers. (The Grand Jury never asked 209 Times for these documents while conducting their “extensive investigation” into EvidenceGate, but we will happily supply them if they would just ask. Sadly we can’t even get them to return an email.)

Moore is not alone in getting into legal trouble. As we approach the New Year, here are a few news stories about various San Joaquin County Sheriff Moore’s subordinates either convicted of, or suspected of child molesting, drug dealing and/or gun running in just the last couple years alone. We know from multiple sources this is not a complete list….

April 12, 2017

“San Joaquin County Correctional Officer Ashley Ezella Johnson, 31, was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail on Wednesday on suspicion of the sale or transportation of a controlled substance, possession of narcotics for sale, conspiracy and gang charges.”

Dec 18, 2015

“STOCKTON — A former San Joaquin County correctional officer was sentenced recently to 52 months in state prison after pleading guilty to molesting a female relative from the time she was 5 years old.”

December 16, 2015

“A criminal complaint will soon be filed in Madera County against a San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy whose wife has been charged with murder and torture in the death of their 12-year-old adopted daughter, authorities said.

Deputy Gerardo Flores, an 11-year veteran of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, has been placed on administrative leave, said Deputy Les Garcia, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office. Flores could face further administrative action if he is charged with a crime, Garcia said.

October 15, 2015”

“Daniel Bennett, 39, of Stockton, and David Bennett, 27, of Stockton, are charged with conspiracy to manufacture and deal firearms without a license.  At the time he was manufacturing firearms, David Bennett worked as a San Joaquin County Sheriff correctional officer.”

And what has the top law enforcement agent of San Joaquin County has to say about all of this?

“We’re extremely disheartened anyone in the Sheriff’s Office would be involved in criminal activity,” Moore said at a news conference held by the Police Department . “We do extensive vetting and background checks of every applicant we consider. Unfortunately, we are all human beings, and sometimes human beings make poor choices.” (Bowers, The Record, April 13,2017).

More Controversy From Sheriff Moore? Alleged Inmate/Deputy Sex at Jail

December 27, 2017

By Frank Gayaldo

An open letter to Sheriff Steve Moore:

Various reliable sources have confirmed one of your county deputies was placed on administrative leave approximately one month ago for allegedly having felonious unlawful sex with an inmate. We are being told this information was purposely withheld from other line staff and the public at large. We are receiving conflicting reports regarding the severity of the crime, and are increasingly becoming concerned for the physical safety of the inmate victim. We remain hopeful the rumors that you took the victim to El Concilio for legal counsel are true, and will go a long way to minimize your own personal culpability in this alleged cover-up.

The deputy was allegedly assigned to the hospital/transportation unit and the female inmate victim was assigned to the G Barracks. Rumor has it this deputy had previously been disciplined for having sexual relations with a domestic violence victim that he met while taking her 273.5 PC report.

Please provide whatever details you can about this situation. We are fully aware of the Peace Officer Bill of Rights, and realize there are certain limitations as to what you can and cannot reveal.

Rest assured, like you, we know more than we are revealing also. You would be wise to answer this media inquiry in as open, honest and transparent manner as the law will allow.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. That said, if we find out the inmate has been physically harmed or threatened in anyway, especially after our inquiry, we will take all appropriate measures to ensure you are held personally responsible for not appropriately protecting her.

Frank Gayaldo

Lake County Gains The Medical Services of Dr. Omalu in the Midst of San Joaquin County Sheriff Moore Controversy 

December 23, 2017

209 Times is the first to break that a contract of approximate $300,000 between the internationally respected Dr. Bennet Omalu and Lake County was approved on 12/19/17 by the Lake County Board of Supervisors in Lakeport, California.

When the Record recently asked San Joaquin County Chairman Chuck Winn about separating the Sheriff from the Coroner he answered,  “I know there’s talk about it. But this is way premature.”

Meanwhile the California Medical Association, San Joaquin Medical Society, sixteen local prominent attorneys, numerous protestors personally impacted by Moore’s alleged inappropriate behavior, and other members of the public have been asking for the immediate separation of the sheriff and coroner offices.

Many of the above, including 209 Times, have also been demanding an outside countywide corruption probe into both the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.  The Record’s Saturday edition shared Frank Gayaldo’s opinion on this sensitive subject here:

So far it appears the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors is satisfied simply “exploring” the cost and logistics of separation. The entire five member board has remained deafeningly silent on the subject of whether they would formally request an independent countywide corruption probe (or not) from the FBI and State Attorney General’s Office.

Meanwhile District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar is reinvestigating cases of alleged criminal corruption in officer involved homicides that she intimately was personally involved in. Barbara Steward, the heroic but emotionally distraught  ex-wife of deceased Daniel Humprey, whom was tased 31 times by CHP (despite Dr. Omalu originally being told he was tased only “twice”)  asked KCRA 3, “how can she {Tori Verber Salazar} investigate this? She is this.”

Watch Barbara Steward’s emotional plea for an independent investigation here:

Upon her recent resignation,

Dr. Parson suggested that if Dr. Omalu left also, that this would result in a “massive and wholly avoidable loss to the county.”  County officials have acknowledged that there is a shortage of qualified candidates and that the hiring process is lengthy.  Sheriff Moore responded  not to worry; private contract pathologists are readily available.

Dr. Parson immediately found employment with Santa Clara County.  Dr. Omalu, who resigned within days of Dr. Parson, has suggested both Dr. Parson and he would be willing to return to San Joaquin County, as long as the Sheriff’s Office was separated from the Coroner’s office.   In light of this new Lake County contract, that seems increasingly unlikely.

If Sheriff Moore does not resign beforehand, voters within all the city limits and unincorporated portions of San Joaquin County will have an opportunity to decide if they want Steve Moore to lead the Sheriff’s Office for his fourth four year term.  Whether or not the Sheriff’s title will include “Coroner” remains to be seen.

Details of the entire Dr. Omalu/Lake County agreement can be found here:

More Evidence The San Joaquin DA Knew About Sheriff Moore’s Illegal Interference Since 2011

December 16, 2017

By Frank Gayaldo

Dear San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors:

Please see the below letter obtained by 209 Times. Why did Deputy DA Sherri Adams (now a top administrator in Salazar’s administration) chastise Sheriff Moore for his gross mismanagement of the coroner’s office back in 2013, while discussing a suspicious homicide that occurred in Manteca all the way back in 2011?  

This letter serves as irrefutable proof that the District Attorney’s Office knew FOR YEARS that Sheriff Moore’s bizarre, nonsensical policy of not allowing the forensic pathologist to visit suspicious crime scenes, especially when specifically requested by professional homicide detectives, negatively impacted the pathologist’s ability to determine an accurate time of death in certain crucial cases.  This behavior goes against the very tenants of basic forensic science.

Why did it take international media attention for the DA to finally capitulate and acknowledge that a separation of the coroner and medical examiner is necessary?  

Why isn’t Tori acknowledging that she personally was the deputy DA handling the “31 taser strikes vs 2” alleged officer involved homicide cover-up , and therefore should not under any circumstances be involved in that obstruction of justice investigation? 

Why is the public paying Sheriff Moore nearly a half a million dollars a year to deceive the public? Why is the county paying for Moore’s crisis communication consultants and legal defense?

Why is the Board not demanding that an outside countywide corruption probe be initiated by the State AG and/or FBI to investigate the DA and Sheriff’s involvement in GunGate, EvidenceGate, EscapeGate, and now CoronerGate? 

How much more overwhelming evidence is required for the Board to take immediate action to protect the public from both Sheriff Moore and District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar’s various alleged and already proven criminal negligence?