Federal Lawsuit Filed Alleging Sheriff Steve Moore Distorted Facts to Cover-up an Officer Involved Shooting

By Frank Gayaldo and Motecuzoma Sanchez

November 30, 2017

According to CBS 13, at least one of the coroner cases that Sheriff Steve Moore attempted to influence, was an “officer involved shooting”. In addition to this claim, 209 Times immediately began receiving tips, including from a person close to the case who wishes to remain unnamed, suggesting that one of the coroner cases Moore allegedly attempted to illegally influence involved decedent Keenan Bradley, 21 years old of Stockton.

The Stockton Record’s November 2, 2016 article by reporter Joe Goldeen mentions an unnamed, off-duty San Joaquin County Deputy and “two masked assailants”. In the article an account of the incident is described by Stockton Police

spokesman Joe Silva:

““When the off-duty deputy was walking (from his car) through the parking lot, he was confronted by two armed suspects wearing masks. They pointed their guns at the deputy’s face. He did not know if he was being robbed, being carjacked or was being targeted because he was a deputy. So, fearful for his life, he pulled out his firearm and shot one suspect while the other suspect ran away,” Silva said.”

It’s also claimed by Silva that the gun found was reported stolen and not registered to Bradley and that the “mask was made of clear plastic”.

On November 3, 2017, in the US Eastern District of California a formal complaint was filed by Keenan Shun Bradley’s mother, Denise Bradley. Denise Bradley is now represented by Attorney Jeff Dominic Price of Santa Monica.

The complaint alleges that San Joaquin County Deputy Michael Knight wrongfully killed Keenan Bradley. According to the complaint, the decedent, “was shot in the back”.  The complaint further alleges “Deputy Knight was known to have trafficked in marijuana” and “did not provide medical aid”.  Keenan Bradley was a security guard, whom according to the complaint “was not known to possess or own a gun”.

The complaint alleges that the defendants, which includes Sheriff Steve Moore, worked in concert to “distort the facts, including falsifying the account of the incident and the timeline, to cover-up wrongdoing and negligent behavior.”

As has been widely reported, on November 27, 2017, twenty four days after the lawsuit was filed against Sheriff Moore who is also the Coroner, San Joaquin County forensic pathologist Dr. Sue Parson presented her resignation letter. She is claiming that Sheriff Steve Moore attempts to control and influence our professional judgement and conclusions. This ultimately undermines the overall competence of the Coroner’s Office in conducting objective death investigations for the county.” 

Dr. Sue Parson had began working for San Joaquin County just 29 days before Keenan Bradley was killed. (It is currently unknown by 209 Times who conducted Bradley’s autopsy.)

In Dr. Parson’s letter she refers to forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu, who is her immediate supervisor. Dr Omalu became internationally famous due to the movie Concussion starring Will Smith that is based on the real life autopsy of former Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster, which led to the discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE in NFL players.

In 2015, Dr. Omalu also testified in Shelly vs San Joaquin, a federal case that alleges Sheriff Moore maliciously destroyed computer and physical evidence in the Speed Freak Killer case. Dr. Omalu claims that he was deliberately excluded from offering any of his expertise, and deprived of all relevant information. Dr. Omalu is quoted as saying, “This isn’t how it’s processed or handled. There is an established protocol for processing skeletal remains.”  

Shelly vs San Joaquin is still in litigation, but San Joaquin County Counsel recently lost their latest legal attempt to squash the case. In his decision to deny a summary judgment, Judge Morrison C. England pointed out that Sheriff Moore’s testimony claiming he knew nothing about the day to day decisions at the Linden well dig site conflicted with assistant Sheriff Ruben Orosco’s claims that he personally briefed Moore on a daily basis.

One of our sources close to the Bradley case states that detectives notified the family that Bradley was shot twice, however their suspicions were raised by the funeral director who prepared the body saying that it appeared he was shot once, with an entry wound to the back and exit wound in front.

All questions and or additional information that could help with this case are being asked by the family’s lawyer to be directed to him.

Jeff Dominick Price

He can be reached at

310 451 2222 or at


A copy of the complaint obtained exclusively by 209 Times can be read in full here:


Caught Again Tampering With Evidence, How Long Will Sheriff Moore’s Corruption Be Allowed to Continue?

By Frank Gayaldo

November 28, 2017

Yesterday a San Joaquin county forensic pathologist resigned because elected official Steve Moore has allegedly manipulated numerous murder investigations in a manner that is “illegal”. According to KQED, a public media outlet based in San Francisco, Dr. Susan Parson wrote in her resignation letter that Sheriff Moore “attempts to influence and control our professional judgment and conclusions” and had made her “day-to-day experience in the County personally unbearable and professionally unsustainable.”

When Dr. Parson writes “our professional judgment” she is referring to her colleague, world famous forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu, whom the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith was based upon.

This is not the first time Sheriff Moore’s behavior has been seriously questioned.

Hayward Police Detective Kevin Atkins testified under oath and on Bay Area television that Sheriff Moore obstructed his investigation into the death of 9 year old child Michaela Garecht.

Reno Police Detective Alan Fox testified under oath that Sheriff Moore obstructed his investigation into the death of Terri Ann Fourcher.

California State Senator Cathleen Galgiani testified under oath and on television that Sheriff Moore maliciously destroyed evidence in the Speed Freak Killer case.

Retired FBI Agent Jeff Rinek (whom has overseen over 500 violent crime scenes in his career and solved such high profile serial killer cases as the Yosemite Murders) has testified under oath and on television that Sheriff Steve Moore’s behavior in the Speed Freak Killer case was beyond inappropriate.

Deputy Carlos Prieto risked his career by providing the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office testimony that Sheriff Moore and others under his direct command embezzled evidence guns. Internal Sheriff Documentation obtained by 209 Times clearly demonstrates Sheriff Moore illegally sold fully automatic weapons and evidence guns, some against specific court order. (Tori Verber-Salazar admitted in writing that Deputy Prieto’s claims of guns getting stripped, sold and then purchased by deputies including Sheriff Moore at “substantial discounts” was “of concern”, but according to Mrs. Salazar somehow concluded these actions “were not illegal”.

Wayne Germann, an evidence software vendor who once handled San Joaquin County’s evidence room and still administers the evidence room software programs for numerous police agencies including the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office and Stockton Police, has publicly claimed the Sheriff has lost over 10,000 pieces of evidence and created a second set of books that aided the Sheriff in a massive cover-up. A Grand Jury investigative report that even a Record columnist described as being “half-true” was unable to determine what exactly happened. Grand Jury Foreman Bert Brown told Fox 40’s Kay Recede that “evidence is not missing, just misplaced”. The Grand Jury’s solution was to allow the Sheriff himself to complete an audit of the Sheriff’s Office’s evidence room that still had over 70,000 pieces of evidence needing to be audited.

Just last month highly respected Federal Judge Morrison C. England acknowledged in civil lawsuit Shelley vs San Joaquin that Sheriff Moore’s former assistant sheriff, Ruben Orozco, provided testimony under oath that contradicted Sheriff Moore’s testimony. Moore testified he did not make any decisions regarding the Linden well site. Assistant Sheriff Orozco swore under oath he briefed Moore daily and that Moore was very much in charge.

Numerous impacted family members from the Speed Freak Killer case that most likely involves over 70 innocent victims have made totally separate, but eerily similar complaints about Sheriff Moore’s behavior. Former San Joaquin District Attorney Thomas Testa told the Record he received numerous complaints from families specifically about Sheriff Moore’s odd treatment of victims.

Private citizens such as Sue Kizer, Marie Gillet and John Vanderheiden have all publicly claimed Sheriff Moore maliciously lied to them regarding various missing person investigations. Numerous emails obtained by 209 Times between the California DOJ and Sheriff Detective Chanda Bassett support these totally independent and private citizens’ claims.

With the totality of Sheriff Moore’s bizarre work history in mind, should the public and the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors place their trust in Dr. Susan Parson, numerous other law enforcement professionals, victim family members and overwhelming documentary evidence or elected official Steve Moore?

Stockton Councilmember Caught Committing Fraud, Costing Chavez Football Team Forfeiture of Entire Undefeated Season.

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

November 8, 2017

Stockton, CA- Parents associated with the Junior football league have provided information showing that Stockton city councilmember Jesus Munguia Andrade cost the Junior Chavez Titans their entire season.

Parents took notice during a game of Chavez versus Weston Ranch because Andrade lives in Weston Ranch where he campaigned and was elected just 12 months ago. He was also very adamant about helping the south side of Stockton as someone who grew up in Sierra Vista and also as a member of Michael Tubbs’ storefront campaign scheme, “Reinvent South Stockton”. Ironically the Junior Chavez Titans are in north Stockton.

If Andrade moved out of the district he was elected to represent he is no longer eligible to serve. If he used a fake address to make his son eligible to play for a team in an area that he did not live in then he committed fraud as an elected official.

Here is the complaint filed to the Commissioner of the Delta Youth Football League obtained exclusively by 209 Times:

DYFL Commissioner:

Re: Out of Area player

On behalf of the Weston Ranch Junior Cougars Football & Cheer program, I am officially submitting a formal request for an inquiry into the validity of a football participant on the Junior Titans Novice team.

I am a Novice coach and Sit on the Board of Directors of the Junior Cougar organization. To the Best of my knowledge, the quarterback for the Titans Novice Team (Joaquin Andrarde) is the son of District 6 Stockton City Councilman Jesús Andrarde. I also recognize Joaquin as a stand out youth baseball athlete that recently played last season with the Weston Ranch youth Baseball team.

It is my understanding of the DYFL rules that in order to participate on a DYFL football or Cheer team, one must reside in the boundaries set forth and voted on by the DYFL Members. Understanding that there are few exceptions to the rule (open area, split home, or a waiver) it is my belief that none of these exceptions are applicable in the case of Joaquin Andradè.

His Father being a councilman in district 6 suggests that he lives in either the south Stockton Vikings or the Weston Ranch Junior cougar boundaries. I believe him to live in Weston Ranch unless the family moved to North Stockton in the Chavez boundary area, thus meaning that Mr. Andradè is no longer a councilman representing south Stockton. However I don’t believe that to be the case.

We work very hard as an organization to provide a healthy community environment for our children in Weston Ranch, and want to continue to build on that camaraderie. It’s disappointing to see kids that should play with our growing program, skip out on working alongside neighbors.

I hope that the DYFL does it’s due diligence and get to the bottom of this concern. We want what’s best for all children, however if we begin to ignore rules, then we become no different than many of the other leagues that struggle with continuity.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane Lilly,

Board of Directors

Weston Ranch Jr Cougars

Upon investigation, conducted by Bruce Crosby, it was discovered that indeed Jesus Andrade had fraudulently signed his son up for the Junior Chavez Titans. Their president Eric Phillips was also placed on probation. Per league rules the team of some 60 children was forced to forfeit their entire season. They were undefeated. Until Andrade eclipsed that.

Several parents who wish not to go on record have expressed anger and frustration at Andrade’s unethical, dishonest, and selfish behavior. Some even are reporting that Andrade visited the team and apologized, promising to bring his partner Mayor Michael Tubbs to visit as if that’s any consolation.

Jesús and his political consultant Scott Winn have refused to comment on the matter at this time.

It’s not just that he’s been caught for the second time this year. It’s also the fact that he, along with Michael Tubbs, has used the plight of the South Stockton for political and public support while his actions prove contrary to his own words.

After Visiting NY, París, Chicago- Mayor Tubbs Says Most People He Represents are Just Trolls.

November 1, 2017

By RJ Durand

Stockton, CA – Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs has been gone from the city that elected him 3 out of the last 4 weeks. From New York to a billionaire funded trip to Paris and now Chicago for an Obama Summit. He’s even missed council meetings, which is one of his only responsibilities as a ceremonial mayor as a result. He’s been so busy outside of Stockton, as mayor, that he has yet to give a statement on the rising crime rate including multiple recent homicides that has now exceeded the rate of last year.

He has yet to address the Stockton Police investigation into his possible involvement along with close associate Christopher Prado’s threats of violence towards a community leader for disagreeing with Tubbs’ proposed policies.

Nor has he condemned such threats of violence or the encouragement of said threats by his own mother Koco and campaign contributor and Stanford employee Tiq Chappa.

However, what he has found time to address are what his campaign consultant’s step father, Record opinionist, and unofficial publicist refers to as “trolls”.

He did make sure to make time to tweet out coverage about himself:

However, he also hasn’t had time to call back reporters from Fox 40 about the increasing homelessness and public trash build up that presents a threat to public health after ignoring their calls for answers. And this is despite tax payers footing the bill for him to hire his friend for a six figure salary to be his “public information officer”.

If only he could take his own advice.

Why a ceremonial mayor in a city run by a City Manager needs a PIO or to travel internationally to “tell Stockton’s story” or act as “policy maker” we don’t know. Maybe the trolls do.

Stockton Police Say Don’t Worry Rape is up 20%, it’s “Only Domestic Violence and Prostitutes”. 

October 18, 2017

Stockton, CA – Despite $90 million in additional funding as a result of sales tax increases, 100 new cops, an Office of Violence Prevention, and the adoption of Ceasefire; violent crime in Stockton has been on a steady increase every year since all of those went into effect. None of those categories that measure violent crime has increased as dramatically as the category of Rape. 

Since 2013 to 2016 rape has increased an average of 32%. From the previous three years 2011, 2012 and 2013 there where 90, 90, and 91 rapes reported respectively. In 2014 with all of the above mentioned strategies in place, incidents of rape jumped to 134, 135, and 129 in 2014-2016 according to numbers reported by Stockton Police to the FBI. In 2017 rape is up an additional 20% so far at the time of this article from where it was at the same point in 2016. 

In regards to such a dramatic increase, in an interview with KCRA, SPD spokesman Joe Silva not only used numbers for property crime to imply that crime in Stockton is down overall (by 0.7%), he went on record to say:

“That is concerning to us at the police department, but we want the community to know the majority of those reported rapes were either domestic violence classified or prostitution classified and we only have a very small handful of stranger reported rapes”. – Officer Joe Silva

So do victims of domestic violence and prostitution no longer matter to the Stockton Police Department? How does such a bias translate to the victims’ chance at justice?

He then proceeds to give the department a pat on the back by suggesting the higher incidents of rape are due to their efforts to have people report incidents (what efforts exactly are unspecified) and not because Stockton has a serious problem on its hands. The implication is that the numbers were lower before because rapes weren’t being reported, yet the department has zero data whatsoever to make such a determination. If incidents weren’t reported how would the department therefore know about them in the first place to even make such a comparison and erroneous claim?

To add further to this clear attempt to spin the facts in what can only be construed as a public relations maneuver, Record editor Donald Blount, wrote an editorial implying and titled “Saftey is in eye of beholder”. 

Contrary to the spin, as previously reported here by 209 Times, Stockton not only has a problem with crime overall, but in regards to violent crime, rape included, the city is one of the most dangerous cities in America and perennially the 2nd most violent city in California behind Oakland. 

Stockton’s crime ranking by real estate professionals like NeighborhoodScout who provide research for potential buyers and investors gives Stockton a rating of 4, which means 96% of all American cities in the entire country are safer than Stockton. According to the FBI Stockton’s crime rate isperennially  3 to 5 times higher than state and national averages. Here are some facts:

Source: Neighborhoodscout.com

What appears to be happening is that damage control and public relations have become the tools of information dissemination by agencies, businesses, and politicians protecting their image and tax increases like Measure A yielding millions of dollars for city projects while producing opposite results. 

To add to the conundrum, the evidence room which include broken refrigerators that hold untested rape kits are in disrepair at the Sheriff’s Department under Steve Moore’s leadership. Fixing the evidence refrigerators that hold these rape kits would be a good first step. Unsolved rapes in the county impact the safety of citizens within the city limits as well. 
Stockton needs compassionate police that recognize that crimes of violence against prostitutes are equally as atrocious as any crimes against the wealthiest of women who are more likely to contribute to political campaigns in town.

What the city also needs are leaders who are honest with the public and themselves about the severity of the problem and support real ideas to address it, not more high priced consultant drawn up “marshal plans” and tax increases used in bait and switch sales pitches based on fear tactics to pay for bankruptcy fees and pet projects like Mayor Michael Tubbs providing thousands of tax payer dollars as part of an overall $10,000 cost for his fiancé to conduct a “Women’s Survey”- on a free website. 

What’s the point of a survey no one asked for if the raw data we do have is being dismissed. Not to mention the lives it reflects. 

No Water or Money for Parks in Stockton?

By JR Guillory 

October 17,2017

Stockton, Ca – Wow, the City appears to be sounding the first alarm of bankruptcy this year with rejecting contract bids after only 17 days into the new fiscal year. Bids were rejected for park maintenance, due to lack of funds for public works.

The current contract with Odyessey Landscape expires Dec 31, but current estimates for this years budget is short by 58% of last years approved funding. The City will reject all bids with Council approval and look for options to fund park maintenance, which comes after the purchase of a new City Hall at a cost of $22,000,000, Mayor Tubbs’ hiring two friends as secretaries at New York City market rate at $300,000 combined, and pledging $1.5 million that has yet to be approved for a program known as “Cash for Criminals”, which ironicly is the same among of the shortfall for funding park maintenance the next 3 years.

Children play flag football in dry grass at Victory Park


Odyssey Landscape, from Lodi, was approved a 2 year contract with three subsequent yearly options, they chose to waive, due to City engineers cutting the payout by $2 million over 3 years of service. Two other local companies made bids $200,000 less than the current approved funding even when Odyssey has been charging the same rate at the discount for 3 years. 

City administrators declined comment, but public documents revealed private landscapers saved the City a marginal cost of $1.2 million, which has residents asking where exactly has the $2.2 million shortfall come from? 

Residents approved Measure M, in November adding $9 million to Parks and Rec’s administrator, John Alita’s budget, but City parks are already considered Public Works assets. 

Its not clear where the money will come from, but approving tonight’s agenda item surely has residents wondering if this is the first sign of bankruptcy after the all but frugal spending so far in the first 9 months of Mayor Tubbs’ “Reinvent” narrative.

Court Finds San Joaquin Sheriff Steve Moore “Careless and Harmful” in Destroying Evidence and Human Remains of 16 year old Jo Ann Hobson In Speed Freak Serial Killer Case

By Motecuzoma Sanchez

October 13, 2017

San Joaquin County, CA

San Joaquin Sheriff Steve Moore found “Careless and Harmful” by District Court for using heavy equipment to dig up remains of 16 yr old Jo Ann Hobson. After a four year legal battle the family has been awarded the right to move forward with litigation. 

“San Joaquin Sheriff Steve Moore testified that he made no decisions and did not have information about the recovery, yet his assistant sheriff, Ruben Orosco, testified that he briefed Moore frequently on a daily basis about all events related to the recovery.” It is believed the San Joaquin Sheriff made the foundational decisions that led to the callous, indifferent, and utter destruction of the Linden Well Site.”

While it appears the Sheriff’s motives to destroy evidence were to save money, it now appears the sheriff’s actions and subsequent cover up will potentially bring the county to its fiscal knees costing tax payers. 

Not only that but, it appears someone was lying under oath:

“San Joaquin Sheriff Steve Moore testified that he made no decisions and did not have information about the recovery, yet his assistant sheriff, Ruben Orosco, testified that he briefed Moore frequently on a daily basis about all events related to the recovery.” It is believed the San Joaquin Sheriff made the foundational decisions that led to the callous, indifferent, and utter destruction of the Linden Well Site.”

What it means:

1. The San Joaquin County Sheriff developed information in 2004 which could have lead to the recovery of victims from the Detective’s interview, but did not follow up.

2. The SJC Sheriff was provided information from Wesley Shermantine himself in 2010, including maps that detailed out the location at the Linden well. They disregarded the information and cancelled missing persons’ records, including JoAnn Hobson’s on September 10, 2010.

3. The SJC Sheriff was again provided information in 2012 and initially stopped any efforts to locate victims but due to public pressure followed up in February, 2012.

4. The SJC Sheriff claimed to have no prior information on the Linden well but knew exactly which victim family to bring to the site. The fact that they knew which family to bring to a specific indicates they had detailed information, contrary to what they state,

5. In all the time they had the information about the Linden well site, the SJC Sheriff sought no information, researched no information, and ignored all assets available in the state and nation, including the FBI, and ignored and excluded their own expert forensic pathologist.

6. When faced with conducting the recovery, the San Joaquin Department of Public Works superintendent advised the soil was “extremely stable” which would have enabled skilled forensic workers to recover the victims. Jill Spriggs and a coworker actually entered the site.

7. The SJC Sheriff used a heavy excavator to dig through the filled in well, and when faced with the fact that victims were in the well, they made the shocking and callous choice to dig through the victims with the excavator, causing shock and emotional harm to the victims and witnesses.

8. While reporting victim items located beyond thirty-five feet preventing forensic processing, it is apparent from pictures taken by Cal DOJ personnel that victim items were encountered at a shallow depth and therefore demonstrating the availability of forensic processing to the Linden well site.

9. SJC Sheriff Steve Moore testified that he made no decisions and did not have information about the recovery, yet his assistant staff, Ruben Orosco testified that he briefed Moore frequently on a daily basis about all events related to the recovery. It is believed that the SJC Sheriff made the foundational decisions that led to the callous, indifferent, and utter destruction of the Linden well site.

10. The SJC Sheriff used an anthropologist that was not a forensic pathologist. The anthropologist based her findings on DNA and dental indentifications and caused rampant comingling of the victims’ remains.

11. Chanda Bassett eventually made three “piles” of bones to reflect the suspected number of victims recovered from the well, and considered the cremation as indigent, the third unidentified victim and her fetus.

12. The SJC Sheriff tried to influence victim’s families to cremate returned remains thereby destroying evidence of the comingling.

13. On September 10, 2010, the SJC Sheriff cancelled several missing person people’s records in the National Crime Information Center and the California Law Enforcement Teletype System including the record of JoAnn Hobson.

14. It is possible the third unidentified victim from the Linden well cannot be identified because her missing persons record was cancelled.

15. The cancellations occurred three days after the San Joaquin Sheriff received information from Wesley Shermantine providing details as to unrecovered victim locations.

16. Chanda Basset is unable to locate many missing people’s records after receiving inquiries from families.

Full document here:

Reinvent the Return On Investment: For Second Meeting in a Row, Tubbs and Andrade Will Vote to Give Tax Dollars to Business Partner from $1.8 to $6.18 Million

October 3, 2017

Stockton, CA- In a second example of what can best be described as a conflict of interest, Mayor Michael Tubbs and Councilmember Jesus Andrade will again vote on millions of tax dollars to go to business interests they have a relationship with. Last city council meeting both voted on the purchase of 501 W Webber avenue owner by Jerry Butterfield to move city hall for a total cost to the city of $22 million. The property sat unwanted on the market for 18 months until city hall bailed them out with the purchase of two side by side properties, the second of which wasn’t even for sale until city representatives enticed them with some $7 million. 

The wife of Jerry is Jane Butterfield who works for Fritz Grupe as CEO of the Business Council. Grupe hosted a $500 a plate breakfast for Tubbs just months before the purchase. Jane is also a Director for the Community Foundation of San Joaquin which directly funds Tubbs’ “reinvent Stockton” pet project and directly provided income for Jesus Andrade via “South Stockton schools Intiative” which is part of the “Reinvent South stockton coalition” while he campaigned in district 6 to fill the void Tubbs was leaving on the council to run for mayor. Andrade was fined by the California Fair Poltical Practice  Commission for failing to disclose that income earlier this year. 

Jane also hosted a “Women for Tubbs” campaign fundraiser for Michael as well along with cohost Jasmine Leek. Leek is the “step daughter”’of Record columnist Michael Fitzgerald who had consistently written positive articles about Tubbs in the Record while simultaneously attacking any of his political opponents while Jasmine worked for Tubbs’ mayoral campaign. 

Leek also was the manager of the Huddle which is a business owned by Zac Cort as part of 10 Space. Also part of 10 Space is the Open Window Project, LLC which was granted millions of dollars by the city two years ago to redeveloped 10 city blocks in downtown Stockton. Tubbs voted on that as a council member as he used Cort’s property as a headquarters for “Reinvent Stockton” and his mayoral campaign. Andrade also uses the Huddle located at 110 N San Joaquin St as a headquarters for his “south stockton schools intiative”. 

Now Tubbs as mayor and Andrade as councilmember will be voting on $4.38 million of additional funding to go to Open Windows Project, LLC. Housing advocate Kristine Williams asks the following questions for all to consider:


City Of Stockton granted over $3.48M to a for-profit developer a few years back to help with downtown development goals: 200 residential units, 62 of which would be affordable.

Tomorrow, same developer is asking for an additional $2.38M in CDBG funds (which, if I’m correct, requires at the minimum a public hearing to allocate and MUST show a nexus between the use of the funds and serving low-income populations) while increasing the overall unit count to 261 units, but cutting the number of affordable units in half.

The city council staff report is inadequate in providing any detail as to why it is being recommended that increase the amount of the original loan be granted, beyond stating the additional 61 units requires it.

Can we get a budget? How was $3.48M originally required for 200 units, but an extra 61 now requires $2.38?
Can we get clarification on what the low-income nexus is in order to be eligible for CDBG dollars – especially when we’re using targeted funds on a project that has reduced the initially promised affordable housing?

Can we get clarification on what happens to the organizations that have historically relied on that money?
Can we get clarification as to whether this money can be promised without holding a related public hearing?”

The public should demand answers to those questions especially when simultaneously public parks are falling apart and basic services like street cleaning, which now warrant cause for a public health concern, are being neglected as homelessness has increased 12% on Michael Tubbs’ watch. It is unclear how much rent Michael Tubbs pays Zac Cort to house Reinvent Stockton at 110 N Sutter or if that rent is subsidized as a financial gift. 

$25.5 Million Proposed to Buy “as-is” Building by Stockton City Hall Just Two Years Out of Banktuptcy 

By Ned Leiba, CPA

September 11, 2017

Stockton, CA – The City Council will meet Tuesday evening September 19 at 5:30 PM to vote to purchase property and expend additional funds to bring us a new City Hall. The total cost is ostensibly $25 million, but it probably will be much more. 


The important missing analysis by city staff would compare what that $25 million proposed expenditure would bring to a sensible renovation of the existing, venerable City Hall. 


The staff report contends:


Remodeling the building to continue to serve as City Hall would not only be very expensive but would also be too small to meet the City’s current needs. Renovating historic City Hall and constructing a new annex behind it to accommodate current space needs would be cost prohibitive with an estimated expense of $50-60 million to design and construct the improvements. This would result in the need for debt issuance which would have a negative impact to the City’s Long-Range Financial Plan.


We should see the details behind these claims. We need a cold, impartial financial analysis of the alternatives.


On pages 7 and 8 of the Legislative Text, you will see again the “fuzzy graphs” of the Long Range Financial Plan (LRFP). I do not believe the City has released the detailed schedule behind any version of the LRFP since bankruptcy. In the past these fuzzy LRFP graphs have been used to claim the city will go bankrupt if it opened the Fair Oaks Library with costs of under $500,000, and now they are being used to justify $25 million in expenditures.


The City Council refused to adopt the unanimous recommendation of its Charter Review Advisory Commission to place on the ballot a measure to provide Stockton with a strong and independent City Auditor. One of the duties of an independent City Auditor would be to impartially analyze proposals such as this $25 million project. The City meanwhile has not allowed an audit, as required by ordinance, of Measure A funds. The Measure A financial statements produced and filed with regulators are profoundly, clearly misstated, by millions of dollars. We can have no confidence this proposal is economically sensible without an independent fiscal analysis.


A few of you may recall I expressed my concern about the 2007 pension bonds that were approved unanimously by the City Council. I said the City was headed for a “financial calamity.” I worry that without a proper financial analysis by independent experts, not hired by City staff, we will rue the day the City embarked on another plan to spend millions of taxpayer dollars.

Mayor Tubbs’ and Chief Jones’ community partners say: “POLICE GOTTA GO” despite working with them. 

By Frank Gayaldo

August 31, 2017

Stockton, CA – Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs recently made national news for suggesting that Stockton may benefit from a violence reduction strategy being utilized in Richmond, California that many critics have dubbed as “Cash for Criminals” a program known as Advance Peace, which pays young men suspected of being involved in fatal shootings to behave. 

Upon receiving overwhelming criticism from the public, Mayor Tubbs tried to quell public outrage by enlisting the Record to do a story explaining the alleged merits of the program. Tubbs also went to social media, posting that his plan will not cost taxpayers, as it will be funded solely by (yet to be publicly identified) private donor money. The Mayor claims he discovered the program during a “Google search” after there were several public murders in Stockton in just a few days earlier this summer. 

Meanwhile as “Cash for Criminals” is being argued in the court of public opinion, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (FFSJ), an entity which claims to be dedicated to “promote the cultural, spiritual, economic and social renewal of the most vulnerable families in Stockton and the greater San Joaquin Valley”, is a close political ally of Michael Tubbs. Even though it is illegal for tax exempt non profits to support political candidates, the law has not been a problem for FFSJ seen here not only attending his campaign kickoff as an organization, but posting their support of him on their Facebook page. 

Mayoral race opponent Carlos Villapudua even ran a commercial calling out the influence FFSJ Director Sammy Nunez has over Tubbs:

In fact Sammy Nunez was also questioned by a reporter from KOVR 13 for running for Stockton Unified School board even though the house he owns is in another city and the fact that him being a convicted felon would bar him from entry to any school while children are present. 

Nevertheless the relationship between Tubbs and Nunez is so close that Tubbs featured him on expensive campaign mailers for his mayor race. 

The relationship has paid off for Nunez and FFSJ with city funding aiding the organization and FFSJ even becoming a partner with both the Office of Violence Prevention and the Stockton Police Department so that both entities can qualify for lucrative government grants as is outlined in this document obtained from a public information request as part of a $600,000 grant from the state to “build community trust”:

Yet in stark contrast to this partnership, 209 Times has recently learned of a highly disconcerting four page agenda from a meeting at the McKinley Community Center on 5/13/17 allegedly generated by Fathers and Families representatives that include on page three the words in all capital letters “THE POLICE GOTTA GO”.  

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss turning McKinely Center and Park into “The Peoples Park”. Ironically the McKinley Center is run by the police department and FFSJ only has access to it with their permission. Other statements on the agenda include “Messaging the People’s Park” and 

“We are not asking for investment, we demand it!”

This following sentence is also in all capital letters: 

This document mentions the “need” to reach out to Mayor Tubbs and Councilman Jesus Andrade, along with the FFSJ desire to do more outreach to “at-risk youths”. The document suggests that at-risk youth outreach efforts at the “People’s Park” should receive additional generous taxpayer’s financial support, minus any police presence whatsoever. 

209 Times has put in a request from the City of Stockton per the California Public Records Act request seeking clarification in this matter. 

Earlier this year 209 Times did an exposé on Sammy Nunez denying that FFSJ had any working relationship with the Police Department to “build community trust” as caught on video:

In an apparent appeasement to FFSJ’s demands to the City and an example of their connection to the Mayor, just last week Tubbs and his political ally assemblymber Susan Eggman obliged them at a press conference at the same McKinley Park they plan to label as “The Peoples Park”. 

This begs the question: Are police, the very people who risk their lives to protect the public from harm, welcome at the “People’s Park” or not? Exactly how many taxpayer dollars are being “demanded”? What is the rationale behind the “POLICE GOTTA GO” from McKinley Park statement? How does such an inflammatory written statement reconcile with any legitimate youth mentorship program? And finally, it’s known Fathers and Families is providing services for the Stockton Police Department, County Probation and the City of Stockton, so why do they appear to be working against the same entities funding them? 

In the spirit of transparency, Fathers and Families, Chief Eric Jones, Mayor Tubbs, Mayor Tubbs’ “policy analyst” and/or “public information officer”, and Councilman Jesus Andrade owe it the public to clarify their positions. 

District Attorney Tori Verber-Salazar and Sheriff Steve Moore should also clarify their positions as to whether they view Cash for Criminals and Fathers and Families of San Joaquin as viable solutions to San Joaquin’s growing crime problems. They should, but they won’t. Why not? Simple. They all are recipients of oddly socially engineered grants that place them all in a compromised and symbiotic relationship for the benefit of themselves not the public.